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Congressional Hunger Center
Staff and Members

Board of Directors

Representative Jo Ann Emerson
Member of Congress
CHC Board Co-Chair

Representative James P. McGovern
Member of Congress
CHC Board Co-Chair

Senator Byron Dorgan
Member of Congress

Representative Dennis Hertel
Senior Counselor
The Livingston Group, L.L.C.
Member of Congress (Retired)

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee
Member of Congress

Ms. Ashley Aakesson
Executive Director
Children''s Nutrition Program of Haiti

Mr. David Beckmann
Bread for the World

Mr. Cal Dooley
President and CEO
American Chemistry Council

Ms. Karen Coble Edwards
KCE Public Affairs Association

Ms. Elizabeth Emerson-Leger
The Leger Company, Inc.

Ms. Vicki B. Escarra
President and CEO
Feeding America

Mr. Brian Folkerts
Vice President, Government Affairs
Kraft Foods, Inc.

Mr. Al Franken

Mr. Lou Gerber
Legislative Director
Communications Workers of America

Mr. David Kantor
Victory Wholesale Grocers

Mr. Marshall Matz
Olsson, Frank and Weeda, P.C.

Mr. Manly Molpus
The Molpus Advisory Group, L.L.C.

Mr. John R. Sander
Management Consultant
U.S. Department of State, (Retired)

Mr. Jim Scheibel
Hamline University

Ms. Mary Catherine Toker
Vice President, Government Relations
General Mills, Inc.


Ambassador Tony P. Hall
CHC Staff

Edward M. Cooney
Executive Director

Margaret M. Zeigler
Deputy Director

Mohamed Gurey
Finance Director

Kristin Anderson
Director, Operations and Special Projects

Twana Jemerson
Human Resources Manager

Lauren Flax
Administrative and Communications Assistant

Kyle Beach
Receptionist/Office Assistant

Emerson National Fellows Program

Aileen Carr
Program Co-Director

Shana McDavis Conway
Program Co-Director

Jonathan Wogman
Program Assistant

Dara Cooper
Fellowship Advisor

Leland International Fellows Program

Jose Ravano
Program Director

Elizabeth Whelan
Associate Director

 Edward M. Cooney, Executive Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 14

Margaret M. Zeigler, Deputy Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 15

Mohamed Gurey, Finance Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 13

Kristin Anderson, Director, Operations and Special Projects
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 17

Twana Jemerson, Human Resources Manager
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 21

Lauren Flax, Administrative and Communications Assistan
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 19

Kyle Beach, Receptionist/Office Assistant
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 10

Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program
Aileen Carr, Program Co-Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 28

Shana McDavis-Conway, Program Co-Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 12

Jonathan Wogman, Program Assistant
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 29

Dara Cooper, Fellowship Advisor
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 25

Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows Program
Jose Ravano, Program Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 11

Elizabeth Whelan, Associate Director
Tel: (202) 547-7022 Ext 24


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