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Population Reference Bureau (PBR)
Staff and Members

William P. Butz, President and Chief Executive Officer
James E. Scott, Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Adrianne Dale, Assistant Information Technology Specialist
John Davis, Information Technology Specialist
Dottie Ferrell, Manager, Finance & Administration
Teresa Henderson, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Judi Jackson, Human Resources Specialist
Lakesha Lee, Accounting Coordinator
Trisha Moslin, Program Administrator
Carole E. Walker, Executive Assistant

Ellen Carnevale, Vice President of Communications and Marketing
Michelle Corbett, Senior Graphic Designer
Mary Mederios Kent, Senior Demographic Editor
Theresa Kilcourse, Senior Graphic Designer
Eric Zuehlke, Editor

Domestic Programs
Linda Jacobsen, Vice President of Domestic Programs
Jean D''Amico, Senior Research Associate
Marlene Lee, Senior Research Associate and Editor, Population Bulletin
Mark Mather, Associate Vice President, Domestic Programs
Nadwa Mossaad, Research Associate
Kelvin M. Pollard, Senior Demographer

International Programs
Vice President of International Programs
Jason Bremner, Program Director, Population, Health, and Environment
Meghan Cagley, Program Associate
Donna Clifton, Communications Specialist
Charlotte Feldman-Jacobs, Program Director, Gender
Fariyal Fikree, Senior Program Director, Global Health
Jennay Ghowrwal, Program Assistant
James Gribble, Senior Program Director, Population and Reproductive Health
Carl Haub, Senior Demographer and Conrad Taeuber Chair of Population Information
Toshiko Kaneda, Research Associate
Marya Khan, Policy Analyst
Suzanne Landi, Program Assistant
Tony Measham, Resident Consultant
Deborah Mesce, Program Director, International Media Training
Kimberly Ocheltree, Fellow (USAID)
Farzaneh Roudi-Fahimi, Program Director, Middle East & North Africa
Erin Sines, Policy Analyst
Rhonda R. Smith, Associate Vice President, International Programs
Holley Stewart, Senior Reproductive Health Adviser
Arjumand Thompson, Program Associate


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