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King Abd Alaziz Women Charity Committee – Qassim
History and Background

King Abd Alaziz Women Charity Committee –Qassim-Buridah has been established  in the Hijri year of 1400, and has been registered in The Ministry of Labor And Social Affairs with the registration number (38) . Since its establishment, it has been working on achieving the social, cultural, health and developmental goals through the implementation of different projects, programs and purposeful activities. In addition to all that, The KAWCCQ works hard on implementing the solidarity and mercy  between the different classes of the society, and introduces its environmental, educational, training and qualifying services. And KAWCCQ is willingly and honorably taking part of the burden of the responsibility of the purposeful developmental work , particularly in the field of human development through the women and children so as to awaken our society.
King Abd Alaziz Women Charity Committee –Qassim introduces its services to all parts of Qassim region – and its main center is in the city of Burridah.

Objectives :
1. The contribution in spreading the religious, cultural, social, health and environmental consciousness.
2. Provision of physical and ocular help items for the groups adopted by KAWCCQ.
3. Provision of maternity and child care services.
4. Patronage and qualifying the disabled.
5. Qualifying the woman to do some kind of job.
6. Improving the performance level of the supervisors women, to the best, through the programs and the training periods that are held by KAWCCQ in cooperation with the specialist Institutions.
7. Patronage for the orphan within their own families.
8. Provision of education and training care through the establishing of Training periods and programs and the additional supporting classes for students.
9. Solving the problems concerning the families that are supported by KAWCCQ, through the Department of Family guidance.
10. Planning and executing developmental programs that are good for the woman and the child in all the fields of life.
11. Qualifying women and girls of the supported families to give them necessary skills that help them acquiring their living.
12. Giving chances to women to start their own business through the The Fund of Circulating Loans which belongs to KAWCCQ.
13. Supporting different schemes of the local society in the field of women training, qualifying and culture.



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