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King Abd Alaziz Women Charity Committee – Qassim
Activities and Programs

The KAWCCQ Sections :
- The center of patronage and qualifying the disabled.
- The Social kindergarten.
- The Institute of Qassim Girls for training and Qualification.
- The Family Guidance Center.
- The Social Service Center.
- Hygienic care for Women.

Patronage and Qualifying the Disabled :
It aims to :
- qualify and look after disabled children according to their abilities and capabilities through the provision of health care, social, nutrition  and entertainment care.
- Preparing the disabled to social life and incorporation with other members of the society and make them self – dependants.
- Working on exploring the educational abilities of the disabled and make them join public education.
- Give the disabled some skills that help them to serve themselves as much as possible.
- Provision of medical care and patronage.
- Developing and provision of hygienic and social behavior for the disabled.
- Bringing up the disabled on Islamic basis and let them acquire good manners.
- Educating their own families how to deal with them, and culture  their mothers.

The Social Kindergarten :
The  KAWCCQ aims, through this project to achieve its own goals And it gives the educational, health, nutrition and social care to the child, in addition to that it develops his/her awareness and senses, exploring and develop his/her talents and abilities.

The Institute of Qassim Girls for Training and Qualification :
- This project is specified because it is developmental and up to date, the  KAWCCQ started it as a compilation of the philosophy of awakening the society and implementing to the principle of exchanging the foreigner employees by citizens, in a correct scientific way, and working on activating the role of women in the developmental process in multiple ways of life.
- And it also aims to training and qualifying women to widen their work opportunities in the female sections, and rising the level of their employment performance through different programs and training periods.
Academic Programs and Training Periods available in the Institute :
- Computer Diplomas.
- Computer short courses.
- Secretariat Diploma.
- Social Service Diploma.
- English Language Diploma
- The Beauty Center training periods.
- Tailoring Training periods.

Hygienic Care for Women :
And going from KAWCCQ permanent efforts and it’s much caring about achieving and making all the needs of women in Qassim region available, it established a modern center to provide women health care, through bringing all the instruments used in this purpose and this is done on the hands of  female trainers. Specialized physical treatment.
The Family Guidance Center

Objectives of the Family Guidance Center :
1. Helping the family and preparing the atmosphere to detect its problems and standing on the weak points that negatively affect on the family social, economic and other relations.
2. Giving advices and finding solutions by religious, scientific and experienced people.
3. Helping the family to avoid negative behavior and carelessness that leads to falling into troubles.
4. Working on rebuild the family consistency and strengthen the family on basis of correct family principles.
5. Giving the chance to the families to solve their own problems by informing them about the negative impacts that follow the family incoherence.
6. Helping the family specially the woman on changing some behavior to be able to face problems.
7. Taking care of solving disputes between people.
8. Guiding families to benefit from the multiple social resources in solving some problems.
9. Informing parents about how to prepare the suitable family atmosphere  that ensure healthy bringing up for the children.
10. Culture the family, socially, religiously, Hygienically and economic.
11. Fixation to the idea of avoiding family disputes for a permanently better life.
12. Working by many means to achieve family balancing and settlement in all ways of life.
The role of KAWCCQ. in supporting the Society:
Going from the permanent efforts of KAWCCQ that honorably taking part of the burden of the responsibility towards the process of social development. And this would not be achieved without the cooperation of the efforts of all the social organizations and their solidarity.

First: The Developmental areas :
The KAWCCQ organizes many programs, activities and training period in cooperation with different organizations.

Second: Some of the sections that the KAWCCQ supports :
Supporting the Psychiatric Qualifying Center :
The KAWCCQ makes  social researches for the cases that has been transferred to it, to give necessary support to the families that suffer from the father addiction.
Supporting Burraidah Prison (for women)
The KAWCCQ cooperates with Burraidah prison through:
The social Servants in the Department of Social Service in KAWCCQ, conduct necessary researches and surveys on the population of the women prison.
Supporting The Hospital of Psychiatric Health:
The KAWCCQ gives necessary, different and comprehensive assistances to the families of the patients in this hospital (both men and women).
Also the KAWCCQ organizes visits to female patients in the same hospital, especially in occasions to give presents and follow up their cases.
Provision of Social, cultural and educational Care to the children of the female patients of the Psychiatric Health.
Co-operation with the Medical Sector:
The KAWCCQ cooperate and share the Medical Sector through its availability in the conferences, lectures and health education programs.
Also The KAWCCQ organizes lectures and symposiums that are held by private clinics to achieve health awareness and also to stand on what science and technology have reached in the field of medicine.

Third: Hosting Prince Faisal program for Training and nationalizing employment :
This vital and purposeful program, which is being executed under the presidential of His excellency The Prince of Qassim Region, to achieve the development in the field of training and Qualifyign the youth (both males and females). And The KAWCCQ would host The female section which ensure the role of The KAWCCQ and to what extent it cooperates and support the society as a whole.
And The KAWCCQ has many projects and programs that are introduced through its services to many categories. Some of these projects are:

Orphan Sponsor project :
It aims to give patronage to poor orphans  within their own families and it depends on the donations of the charity people. And The KAWCCQ cares about the orphans’ education, health, social life and morale within their families. And The KAWCCQ coordinates between the sponsors and the orphans.

Productive Families Project:
It aims to facilitate job opportunities for women that their family circumstances do not allow them to work outside their houses. These women produce popular food items, Folklore handcrafts and The KAWCCQ. take the role of marketing these products on behalf of them. Also The KAWCCQ give loans to some families who are in need to be able to work through this project.
And hence, The KAWCCQ fights dependency, achieve self dependency for women working in this project.

Poor Areas Development Project:
It is one of the projects executed by The KAWCCQ in the city of Burridah and it aims to rising these areas economic wise, socially, health wise, ecologically, culture wise, educationally and by raising the aware of their people.

The Circulating Loans Project:
This project is represented in the establishment of the fund of circulating loans to give the opportunity to women and girls to start small productive projects contribute in increasing the family income.
It also aims to raise the economic level for the family and activate the role of women in the production process, and avoiding dependency through establishing projects for women and increasing their income resources.

The Procedure Stages for the Project:
- Facilitating chances to girls and women to establish minor productive projects.
- Conducting training periods for women and girls that are targeted to be given loans in the field of work type.
- Following up for the productive projects that are proposed by the women in dept.
- Training the KAWCCQ employees and members on the procedures and the operations needed for the administration of the fund of circulating loans.
- Establishing a precise saving and documentation system for the documents concerning loans.

The Corporate Women Committee in Qassim region:
Have been established according to the decision of His Excellency The Prince of Qassim Region with the number 100/133 dated 17/8/1419 hijri. Its place is in The King Abdulaziz Women Charity Committee –Qassim-Buridah and under the presidency of the Chairwoman of the KAWCCQ. 

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