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Demographic and Health Surveys(DHS)
Activities and Programs

Quality Information to plan, monitor, and improve population, health, and nutrition programs"

MEASURE DHS provides decisionmakers with the information necessary to plan, monitor, and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programs. MEASURE DHS also plays a major role in furthering international understanding of global population and health trends.

MEASURE DHS activities support family planning, reproductive health, maternal health, child survival, and HIV/AIDS/STI control/prevention through data collection, analysis, and evaluation designed to improve program performance and better understand program impact in these areas.

Within each survey project, MEASURE DHS strives to provide the following services:

Data Collection and Analysis
Build data collection systems in developing countries through formal and on-the-job training in research design and implementation, sampling, data processing, analysis, and dissemination.

Collaboration and Coordination
Collaborate with local and international organizations as much as possible in order to cut costs, share resources, and increase inter-agency communication and cooperation. Once the survey results are released, collaboration occurs on the ground as MEASURE DHS works with other organizations to disseminate the data to a wide range of audiences.

Dissemination and Data Use
Disseminate research results and facilitate their use in program design and evaluation through participatory seminars, audience-centered materials, web-based tools, and other technologies that translate data into information accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Capacity Building
Provide technical assistance to help local organizations apply MEASURE DHS data to program and policy development. In addition, the supplies used during the survey (scales, GPS units, computers) remain in the country for future use.

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