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Framework Convention Alliance
Activities and Programs

Summary of Achievement
The FCA has:
Helped obtain the signatures of 168 countries and played a key role in getting a substantial number to ratify in record time.
Assisted in the development and adoption of effective evidence-based guidelines on implementation of the FCTC, in particular on Article 8 (protection from secondhand smoke).
Positively influenced the 2nd COP process resulting in the commencement of negotiations on a Protocol to curb the illicit trade of tobacco products.
Enhanced the ability of FCA members to actively influence FCTC protocols and implementation guidelines.
Ensured the presence of NGOs from across the world at all FCTC-related meetings.
Provided grants to enable participants from low income countries to be actively involved in all FCTC activities.
Created an organization that is founded on the principles of diversity, gender balance and equality, and has worked successfully within this ethos.
Developed an organization that has been (and continues to be) largely run by volunteers, who display enormous commitment to tobacco control and the FCA, sometimes at great personal/financial sacrifice.
Delivered highly respected position papers, news bulletins and other advocacy material.
Created a monitoring and reporting tool to hold governments accountable for their commitments under the FCTC.
Successfully kept civil society, government officials and the media fully informed about the FCTC process.
Created and funded a process that enabled the FCA to move from being a loose coalition of existing NGOs into a legally structured entity that comprises organizations from over 100 countries.
Developed strong working relationships with Governments and established an official relationship with WHO, as well as achieved high levels of credibility with funders.
Created a successful international organization that is establishing staff posts around the world and recruiting based on ability, rather than location.
Received awards recognising its accomplishments


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