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Management Systems International (MSI)
History and Background

Minority Rights Group International campaigns worldwide with around 130 partners in over 60 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples, often the poorest of the poor, can make their voices heard. Through training and education, legal cases, publications and the media, we support minority and indigenous people as they strive to maintain their rights to the land they live on, the languages they speak, to equal opportunities in education and employment, and to full participation in public life.

We understand how discrimination based on age, class, gender and disability can have a multiple impact on disadvantaged minorities, and our campaigns target governments and communities to eradicate such attitudes.

Minority Rights Group International has over 40 years experience of working with non-dominant ethnic, religious and linguistic communities and we bring a long term view of these issues to bear in all the work we do.

We work with minorities as diverse as the Batwa in Central Africa, Roma in Europe, Christians in Iraq and Dalits in India and Nepal to name but a few.

MRG is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with an international governing Council that meets twice a year. We have consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and observer status with the African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Charity no. 282305
A company limited by guarantee in the UK no. 1544957

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) focuses its work on non-dominant ethnic, religious and linguistic communities, who may not necessarily be numerical minorities. MRG''s work includes initiatives with indigenous and tribal peoples, migrant communities and refugees. These communities may not wish to be classified as minorities for various reasons. We also recognize that these groups are not homogenous - some members face further marginalization due to age, class, disability, gender or other factors.

The groups MRG works with are among the poorest and most marginalized groups in society. They may lack access to political power, face discrimination and human rights abuses, and have ''development'' policies imposed upon them. MRG seeks to protect and promote the basic rights of these communities. We believe that recognition of minority and indigenous peoples'' rights is crucial to establishing and maintaining just and peaceful societies. Please see the law section for more information.


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