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Collective for Research on Training & Development Action
Activities and Programs

CRTD-A seeks partnerships with NGOs with whom we share a common vision. We work with partners at both local and international levels in order to share best practices, support capacity building and promote policy advocacy on cross-cutting and national issues that face the region. CRTD-A also assists organizations in reaching their full potential through supporting them to make the most effective and efficient use of donor aid and financial resources.
CRTD-A provides technical support and training to NGOs, governmental partners, researchers, and international agencies on numerous areas of social and political development. Our services cover efficient and effective resource mobilization, strategic planning, project/program management, counseling, and project/program monitoring and evaluation. CRTD-A has developed superior training modules and resource kits on "Gender and Participatory Development" as well as "Gender and Participatory Research" which include readers, training and resource material. Support provided by CRTD-A can also includes referrals and linkages with other organizations, projects and funding.
CRTD-A focuses on the theory and practice of qualitative, participatory, action-oriented social research. CRTD-A also produces original literature on gender and development, gender mainstreaming, gender training, social development, civil society and poverty. These and other relevant issues are given further exposure in our bulletins, monthly updates, newsletters, translated materials, books, website and other electronic communications. Importantly, CRTD-A runs an established and highly sought after resource information centre, which provides indigenous and international information and research on Gender and Development issues, Lebanon, and the Arab World. Access to a resource library is offered to academics, researchers, practitioners, donors, and NGOs among others.
The CRTD-A team provides consultancy services for NGOs and other development actors in areas such:
- Needs and situation analysis reflecting local social demands
- Proposals to address respective problems
- Implementation of proposed strategies
- Review and evaluation of impact of projects
- Gender mainstreaming
CRTD-A's main projects
 The MACMAG GLIP project provides a platform for exchange of research, analysis, training, capacity building and institutional development on Gender and Development (GAD) throughout the Arab world (www.macmag-glip.org). One of the main components of the GLIP project is the Gender Resource Library. This Library includes over 3000 titles in Arabic, French and English of relevant books, reports and periodicals on women and gender development. It is available directly and on-line to interested students, researchers, practitioners and NGOs.

The IRIS project engages government agencies, NGOs and international organizations on issues of poverty and social developments in Lebanon (www.iris-lebanon.org). IRIS accomplishes this through providing an informative monthly bulletin, an interactive website, training workshops and top quality action-oriented research. IRIS also houses an extensive library collection called the NGOs & Social Development Resource Library. With over 3000 titles in Arabic, French and English, the Library includes books, reports, theses and periodicals on social and political development, civil society, women, gender and other relevant issues. IRIS offers this valuable library service both directly and on-line to researchers, practitioners, students, and NGOs. Furthermore, IRIS brings together Lebanese universities, research institutes, academics and practitioners to encourage networking and collaboration for social development in Lebanon.
The Lebanon Development Gateway (LDG) is a new IRIS initiative with the support of the Development Gateway Foundation. The LDG is one of the 55 country gateways worldwide, using Information Communication Technology to develop social communities. The project is currently in its planning phase, which will lead to the setting up of a development knowledge portal (in both Arabic and English) targeting the social development and locally communities. All current events of the project including workshops, meetings with partners and an e-forum can be found online.
Other related projects implemented:
Women Economic Empowerment Project (Regional & Lebanon)
NGOs Capacity Building Project (Lebanon)
Gender-Based Violence Project (Regional)
Gender and Citizenship Project (Regional)
Gender & Nationality Project (Regional)
The Lebanon Gender Training of Trainers Project (Lebanon)
Women and Leadership Project (Lebanon)
Maghreb Gender Training of Trainers (Regional)

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