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European Center for Nature Conservation (ECNC)
Activities and Programs

ECNC projects are clustered in five thematic programmes:
nature and society
interaction between business and biodiversity
European ecological networks
state of Europe’s nature and biodiversity
support to international organizations and policy initiatives
In these programmes, ECNC also specifically addresses European landscape issues.

ECNC actively promotes the conservation and sustainable use of nature and especially of biodiversity in Europe, because of their intrinsic values and their relevance to the economy and European culture; thereby ECNC seeks the integration of nature conservation considerations into other policies.

The Vision concerns the ''ideal'' ECNC strives for: the desirable state of Europe''s nature in 20 to 25 years'' time. The vision takes into account the interaction between ecosystems, the role of landscapes, the integration of nature considerations in economy, and the perception and appreciation of nature in the minds of people.

The ECNC brochure for a Beautiful Europe has been warmly welcomed by ECNC''s Board as well as its Bureau members. You can download the brochure here.

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