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Namibia Institute For Democracy
History and Background

The NID was founded in 1992 and registered according to Section 21 of the Companies Act (Act 61 of 1973) as an Association not for Gain.  The NID is a non-partisan institution that consults with the government, civil society, interest groups, political parties, the media, institutional authorities and private citizens in the design and implementation of its programs and civic education training materials.


The NID is loyal to the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, the State and its institutions. The NID zealously guards its political neutrality and objectivity. The NID is committed to the well being of the citizens of the Republic of Namibia and the promotion of the Republic of Namibia as a democratic state.

The NID has, since its inception in 1992, developed a highly specialized administrative system to comply with different requirements and expectations of a variety of donors, as well as requirements as stipulated by law according to the Companies Act.  The NID has developed an effective grant-award system including standardized grant application procedures, contracts, request and liquidation of funds and evaluation of sub-grantees and their programs and has, to date, awarded a total of 69 sub-grants to local CSOs.  A training program for CSOs on the financial management of grants has been developed and is being used for training every grantee organization.

The NID prides itself on low personnel turnover and its ability to retain key personnel for extended periods of time.  This has enabled the NID to establish a well-functioning team, which is well trained and able to conduct programs without interruption in a sustained manner.

Through partnerships and coalitions with other institutions and organizations from government, civil society and the private sector who assist in program implementation, the NID has managed to keep its staff component small, leading to a savings of cost which can be utilized for program implementation instead.  Such partnerships have also ensured that program objectives have been generally exceeded. 


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