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Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit (NEPRU)
Activities and Programs

NEPRU is organizing and hosting policy seminars, workshops and conferences in its rooms in Windhoek. These are, if not otherwise stated, open to the public.

NEPRU-staff is also regularly attending different conference and seminars abroad.

Research Program

1. Macroeconomic and fiscal policies

Macroeconomic planning and policy analysis
Monitoring and publishing of macroeconomic indicators
Macroeconomic modelling and micro-simulation
National budget analysis
Public expenditure reviews and public expenditure tracking surveys
Revenue impact of trade liberalisation
2. Financial Economics, Information & Communication Technology

Financial Inclusion
Trade in Financial Services
Structure of the Financial Sector
Monetary Systems § Financial Markets
Asset Pricing § Corporate Finance
Saving and Investment
ICT Access and Usage
ICT Applications for Development
3. Regional Integration, Trade & Private Sector Development

Regional economic integration and the impacts of trade liberalization
Publication of the Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook
Support to SADC and SACU secretariats through regional research, monitoring and evaluation
Support to national SADC institutions through participation in committees Regional Business Climate Surveys

Regional Activities
Although NEPRU’s work concentrates on Namibia, the institute is increasingly involved in research in the Southern African Region. For instance, NEPRU is: · The Secretariat for the Southern and Eastern Africa Policy Research Network (SEAPREN); · Involved in the Formative Process Research on Integration in Southern Africa (FOPRISA) in support of the SADC Secretariat; Co-editor of the annual Monitoring Regional Integration Yearbook.

NEPRU’s activities are financed from two sources: income from commissioned research and financial as well as technical support from International Cooperation partners. Our clients for commissioned research projects are primarily the government, international cooperation partners, various Non-Governmental Organisations as well as the private sector. The current and past capacity building activities are and have been partially funded by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). Other partners have included the German Church Development Service Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation, Africa Groups of Sweden, Centrum for International Migration and Voluntary Services Overseas.


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