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Green Cross International
Activities and Programs

Areas of activity
Promotes legal, ethical and behavioral norms that ensure basic changes in the values, actions and attitudes of government, the private sector and civil society, necessary to build a sustainable global community
• Prevents and resolves conflicts arising from environmental degradation
• Provides assistance to people affected by the environmental consequences of wars and conflicts

Preventing and resolving conflicts over natural resources
GCI recognises that in the face of an ever-growing global population, and the need for natural resources duly increasing, conflicts over resources increase. We are most active on water and energy issues. To learn more about what we do, please click here.

Addressing the environmental consequences of wars and conflicts
The second of our three main areas of activity was established in 1993 with the mandate of safely eliminating weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and mitigating the social, health, and environmental impacts of conflicts and nuclear, chemical, and biological contamination. GCI has 3 main areas of activity within this sector: the Legacy of the Cold War Programme; the Social, Medical, Care, and Education Programme; and Post-War Environmental Analysis. To learn more about this, please click here.

Promoting values and behaviour changes
 Under this heading Green Cross International operates various initiatives: the implementation of the Earth Charter via the Earth Dialogues; and numerous Environmental Education initiatives organised by Green Cross National Organisations throughout the world. These programmes seek to highlight the critical nexus between the issues of security, poverty, and the environment, and facilitate dialogue that will effectively change the values and behaviour of governments and the general public. To learn more about GCI''s activities on these issues and others

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