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Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association
Mechanism of Operation

Makassed is acheiving its goals through the following projects:

A- The Educational mission:

It is to ensure the basic education with emphasis on a moderate Islamic education for the largest number of its community's youth. It also aims at giving them an integral understanding of Islam's mission and its noble values. The goal of the Association also is to strengthen the understanding of our Arab heritage and to develop the spirit of teamwork amongst each other to strengthen their sense of responsibility and self-confidence.
Makassed ensures highly subsidized education in most of its elementary schools, achieving as it has always done the essence of its mission. Besides offering intermediate and secondary teaching at reduced tuition fees, Makassed has created the scholarship fund to help some students.
The Association has recently adopted foreign languages in teaching sciences and mathematics in the intermediate classes, as well as coeducation in all of its schools with the exception of The Girls' College that has typical programs specialized in girls' education.
All Makassed schools are equipped with modern science and computer laboratories, in addition to required playgrounds, sport halls and theatres. In 1995 the Association won First Prize in the International Hiroshima (Japan) competition  for peace with our own song entitled "The Sun of Peace".
B- The Health mission :
Makassed General Hospital was established in 1930 to provide the Lebanese community with quality health care services. It started as a modest two-storey building with 13 doctors and 10 nurses.
During World War II, the hospital served as one of the Lebanese Ministry of Defense medical centers. In 1941, Makassed Association recovered the Hospital and resumed its operations in community service.
C- The Social affairs mission :
Since Makassed association is an islamic philanthropic association; therefore, the directorate of social affairs concentrates continuously on:
  - The activation of the islamic theme through Makassed.
  - Providing assistance and services; whether social, cultural, or environmental.
  - The cooperation with the specialized institutions relevant to these goals; whether located in Beirut city or outside in the Lebanese districts
It includes:
1- Makassed Center for Developmant and Environment
2- The department for religious affairs
3-Youth Voluntary Unit
4- Affiliated Associations

D- Higher Institutions Directorate:
Makassed Higher Institue of Islamic Studies:
The Higher Institute of Islamic Studies was established in 1401 a.h., 1981 c.e. Lebanon was then in the throws of civil strife, The Institute was, in a sense, the response of Makassed to the strife, which divided the people of Lebanon into warring fragments. It was to promote a better understanding of Islam and to prepare modern scholars who are capable of meeting the challenges of modern times with an open mind, a respect for others and determination to overcome the obstacles which stand in the way of the development of a healthy civil society in Lebanon.
The Higher Institute of Islamic Studies is a forum of thought and freedom of expression and a center for the Islamo-Christian dialogue and cultural exchange in general.
As an academic institution, the institute prepares students for graduate and post-graduate degrees (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.) in Islamic studies. Its curriculum includes courses in: Quranic studies, Tradition, Historiography, Islamic Jurisprudence Mysticism, Islamic Philosophy, the Arabic Language, Modern Muslim Thought, Orientation, Islamic Education, Christianity, Methology, the English Language and Eastern Languages.
Students' applications for admission to the Higher Institute of Islamic Studies are studied case by case and the requirements for the degree program are set accordingly for every students depending on his academic background.
The Higher Institute of Islamic Studies provides non-degree programs in addition to the degree programs, but these change every year depending on need and the demand of academic circles.
The Makassed Higher Institute of Nursing shall:
-Be a leading nursing institute that provides quality nursing education at the professional/academic level.
-Be a model academic institution for the development and implementation of inservice and rehabilitation programmes for nurses of all categories at the national level.
-Serve to produce qualified nursing manpower for the national and regional health service market.
The Makassed Higher Institute of Nursing believes that quality health care is a basic human right that should be equally accessible to all citizens and in all regions of the country
Hence, the institute has committed itself to:
1- Promote the nursing profession in the community.
2- Provide the highest standard of professional nursing education by qualified faculty and administrative staff.
3- prepare nurse leaders able to deal with role changes in emerging health are systems.
4- Exercise quality control over nursing programmes and develop a credentialing system for that purpose.
5- Start a post-basic nursing programme in the near future.
6- Support the establishment of a professional body for nurses.
Institue of Teacher Training:
The Higher institute of Teacher Training was established in 1966 with the purpose of equipping teachers that will tutor in elementary schools belonging to Makassed Philanthropic association in Beirut and the rural areas. It later extended its area of training to cover intermediate and secondary level teachers.
The institute is currently reassessing its programs and curricula to restart again taking into consideration job market requirements in the educational field. 
Abdul Hadi Debs Vocational and Technical Center:
The Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut founded a higher technical school Abed El Hadi El Debs Vocational Center in commemoration of the late Abed El Hadi Mohammad Khair El Debs, the business man and benefactor that annually donated to the center and entrusted his children to continue this gesture after his death.
Qualifying students in a manner that allows him to take the Technical Baccalaureate and Technician Super tests, providing training and retraining opportunities, raising the student's level of competence and helping in developing functional and technical skills and qualifications of workers in the different sectors of production.

E- Real State and Operation.




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