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Danish Association for International Cooperation
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A world in peace where cooperation among people promotes global equity and ensures improved conditions for poor and marginalised.

MS provides opportunities for action for people, who accept a shared responsibility for global sustainable development. MS promotes understanding and dialogue between people. Together with partners we promote popular participation and democratisation in the North and in the South. We endeavour to enable poor and marginalised people realise their vision of a dignified life.

We believe in the equality of all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. Diversity is a strength and a resource in a globalised world. We believe that people have the right to fight injustice and promote social and economic equity.

MS is a popular, democratic organisation with its base in the Danish society. Our most important resources are citizen commitment and knowledge. We work to share experience and enhance knowledge, and we provide opportunities for international and intercultural cooperation.

MS promotes globalisation by people and cooperation across national and cultural barriers - cooperation between people as both aim and means. We engage in partnerships with organisations fighting poverty and injustice. In the North we jointly challenge debates and decisions of vital importance for poor and marginalised people.

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