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History and Background

Etimos is an international financial consortium with headquarters in Italy. For almost 20 years it has collected savings and invested them in developing countries to support microcredit programs, producer cooperatives, micro-enterprises and organisations to promote social action and solidarity.

Imagine it as a link between two complementary needs: the growing demand for credit and capital by organisations and the communities in developing nations, and the search for products that guarantee a return, economically and socially speaking, by an ever wider set of investors, including foundations, banking institutions, religious entities, cooperatives and associations. Ensuring the right balance between remuneration and added social value of the investments is a stated objective of the consortium and one it has achieved; Etimos has fostered and consolidated alternative supply chains that join the interests of investors and the need to access credit by organisations in developing countries.

Over the years, Etimos has become a sort of crossroads: the meeting point between more than 260 organisations from over 40 countries and a point of reference for discussion and collaboration between two realities only seemingly distant from each other: the world of finance in its social dimension and that of development cooperation.

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