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The work of The Berne Declaration focuses on Switzerland. Many decisions made here have a direct impact on poor people in the Third World: from patent laws and the strategies of Swiss multinationals to the rules of the Swiss financial market. The Bern Declaration urges Switzerland to take a leading role in promoting equitable development and encourages Swiss corporations to act in a socially and ecologically responsible manner around the world. The Bern Declaration also promotes literary works from the south strengthen solidarity and mutual respect between north and south.

Globalization has many facets. Merely growing the flow of capital and goods is not enough to promote equitable development and justice. Today, the rules of international trade favor the rich countries and the global elites. If the poor are to have a shot at a better future, then we need new rules that create a wide range of opportunities instead of a single formula for everyone.

Consumers’ choices influence the entire economic structure. The Berne Declaration uses this influence to promote fair trade that provides hundred thousands around the world with a livelihood and decent working conditions. Where fair trade is no alternative, consumers have to band together to demand basic rights and environmental protection. Joint public actions have a way of influencing the behavior of even the largest corporations.

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