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Resource Africa
Organizational Structure

ResourceAfrica is a partnership of two autonomous not-for-profit institutions that share a common mission statement, one based in South Africa and the other in the European Union. The Southern African office provides the programmatic lead for work on the ground and the EU office supports this work with various technical contributions and other inputs including fundraising.

In addition, the EU office has the responsibility for monitoring and advising on Northern policy matters that impact upon communities and conservation in the South. ResourceAfrica in South Africa enables southern Africa''s rural people to articulate their perspectives on natural resource management and use and, as a Southern organization, counters the traditional North-South, ''top down'' flow of information. ResourceAfrica believes that informing the public and policy-makers in the North is essential to successful sustainable development in the South. This dynamic link between North and South is one of the unique strengths of ResourceAfrica.

Our Governance

In South Africa, ResourceAfrica is registered under the Non Profit Organisations Act 1997 of South Africa (No. 037-189-NPO) as a not-for-gain Association, which means that no part of its income or fixed assets can ever be transferred to its members, directly or indirectly. The Chair of the South African institution is Mr Keith Madders. The Board members are Champion Chinhoyi, Kule Chitepo (Executive Director), Mark Farrelly, Nicholas (Fink) Haysom, Dr. Jon Hutton, Metsai Makhetha, Ngcali Nomtshongwane, Charles Nupen, Liz Rihoy and Julian Sturgeon.

In the EU ResourceAfrica is a registered charity (No. 1003530) in England and Wales. The Chair of the EU charity is Sir Ramsay Melhuish and the Trustees are Kule Chitepo, Ilsa Smith, Kevin Ford, Prof Nigel Leader-Williams, Keith Madders and Liz Rihoy.

A number of mechanisms have been employed to encourage and facilitate a joint programme between the two parts of the organisation, including a formal Memorandum of Understanding supported by strategic exchange at Board level. It is for the purpose of coordination that the Executive Director of ResourceAfrica in South Africa, Mr Kule Chitepo, is numbered amongst the Trustees of the EU charity while the Director of the EU office, Dr Jon Hutton is a member of the Board of Directors in South Africa.

Each office of ResourceAfrica produces an audited Annual Financial Statement.

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