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Kham Aid Foundation
Staff and Members

President and founde Pamela Logan may be reached at pam (at) khamaid (dot) org. She lives in southern California, but is often on the road in Kham.  
 David Bleyle, Chairman of the Board, is a former Consul General at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu.  In the course of his State Department duties, he has traveled widely in China and Tibet.  He is also widely knowledgeable about charity projects on the Tibetan plateau - what works and what doesn''t.  Recently retired, he lives in Portland, Oregon where he free-lances as a consultant to corporations wanting to do business in China. Write to him at david (at) khamaid (dot) org.
 Jonathan Bell is the youngest  member of the Board; he also directs our art conservation program.  He is shown here during a 1998 Kham Aid Foundation mission to Baiya (Pewar) Monastery. He holds master''s degrees in art history from the University of Paris - Sorbonne, and in architectural conservation from Columbia University. He is now employed at the Getty Conservation Institute, and leads Kham Aid art missions during vacation periods. You can write him at jonathan (at) khamaid (dot) org.

 Craig Jones, co-founder of Kham Aid Foundation, serves as a Board member and Treasurer.  Craig is the former Chairman of China Exploration & Research Society.  Craig has conducted business in many parts of Asia.  Being an explorer in his own right, he has explored on foot & bicycle much of Asia and personally documented the peoples and monuments of his explorations.  He is a CPA and partner in the Los Angeles office of Hines & Jones, where his practice concentrates on nonprofit organizations.  He also serves as Kham Aid''s CFO.  He can be reached at cjones (at) khamaid (dot) org.
 Brandon Davito (right side of photo) joined the board in April, 2007. He first became involved with Kham Aid in 2005 as part of KelloggCorps, a program that matches graduating business school students with NGOs in developing countries. As part of a team of five volunteers, Brandon conducted market research that helped us develop our handicraft program. Currently employed as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, Brandon lives in San Francisco. 
 Wu Bangfu is Kham Aid''s Vice President, China.  He first joined us as team translator during a 1996 art conservation mission. Now, in addition to running our field office, he has taken charge of several projects, including the 2001 disaster relief effort at Egu township and the midwife training program. The photo at left was taken during a lama-dancing festival at Gartok Monastery. Write to Mr. Wu at  wubangfu (at) khamaid (dot) org.
 Eunice Shen, a pediatric physical therapist, directs our wheelchair program.  Her email address is eunice (at) khamaid (dot) org.

 Ute Wallenboeck is the director of our Volunteer English Teacher program.  She is a Tibetologist by training, is fluent in several Tibetan dialects, and has done research on nomads in Amdo.  Write her at ute (at) khamaid (dot) org.
 Doka (right side of picture), a.k.a. Gao Zhengming manages our medical aid program and also leads some Better Schools teams.  He is a native of Ganzi County, where he has held a variety of positions inside and outside the county government. Now officially retired, he works from his Chengdu home to bring vital medical goods to remote rural clinics and hospitals in Kham.  You can write to him in Chinese at doka (at) khamaid (dot) org , or in English in care of wubangfu (at) khamaid (dot) org . The photo shows him with Baiji Lama, director of a rural clinic at Shechen Monastery in Dege.
 Melinda Liu (left side of picture) was a Director from 2002 to 2006, and now she sits on our Board of Advisors.  Career journalist and long-time Kham explorer, she first met Kham Aid Foundation when she covered our wheelchair program for Newsweek Magazine.   She lives in Beijing, from which she makes frequent forays to China''s wildest frontiers.  We at Kham Aid are very proud that Melinda Liu won the 2006 Shorenstein Journalism Award.  

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