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Green Stone
History and Background

Green Stone is a cooperative organization dedicating to enviroment protection and students'' enviroment groups from colleges are contained and communicate and share information and material resources in this platform by different means for example semester forums, newletters, website and bbs,training camps etc. Meanwhile Green Stone carries out various environment protection activities such as protecting rare Chinese swallowtail butterfly and baiji dolphin,environment education for children,recovering the ecosystem of Mufu Moutain,sustainable development of rural area,translating the enviroment books etc.

Green Stone is an environmental protection cooperative organization, initiated with the cooperation among the environmental protection groups and individules in unviersities in JiangSu Province.
After years of development, Green Stone has become a mature organizaton. Our focus range from frequent assembly of green students in JiangSu Province to the wild animal conservation along YangZi River.
Green Stone based its work on the green groups in the universities, which are regarded as the dots of network of green activities. Green Stone works on behalf of the students creatively with media, organizatins and government institutions to enhance communication among, and creat cooperative relationships with them. For most of the environmental protection groups in universities are on the threshold of their actions, they are lack of experience, human and information resource. Green Stone aims at a green action network with all the resource providing support to the fledging youth environmental protection movements in JiangSu Province.
Green Stone offers these services through cyber-communication, frequent assembly, event facilitation and the support of the civilian environmentalists. All these are combined with the implementation in the communities to promote the enviromental protection movements in the region.
Based on the campus, Faced the society, we are striving to more efficient and higher speed enhancement of college students'' power in the environmetal protection movements.

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