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    Baiji dolphin is most endangered cetacean in the world. The amout now is less than 50, while once at a time there have been more than 5000 baiji in the YangZi.
    This animal is on the brink of extinction thanks to the fast population growing along the river once was a peaceful heaven to baiji.
    Many exports devoted to the baiji conservation. Setting up nature and semi-nature habitat is highlight ed by them. But What is the most sarcastic that the only baijidolphin in captivity were being fed in a limited pool. He had to swim round after round in the pool hopeless awaiting for a mate until his death.
    Green Stone as a environmental students'' platform locating at the side of YangZi River lauch a campaign in order to draw more public attention on this previous animal.

          ---- Baiji Dolpnine Conservation

    Concerning the endangered situation of this species, the efforts to save the animal from extinction proved to go in vain. But we still choose this as the subject of our green camp, for we hope the lessons we learned from the baiji could persuade people into a sustainable mind.

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          ----Save The Baiji Dolphin(Chinese Version Only)

    It is a published by Green Stone, to facilitate the propogation of our rescue action.

          ----Reports from the organization around the world

    scientific and public interest in the baiji began to develop late in the 1970s in China. At the same time , known as the most endangered dolphin in theworld, western scientists are eager to research Baiji.
During the past decades, many reports were submitted and census were held for the rescue of the cherish animal.


    Chinese Luehdorfia, a kind of florid butterfly once leaved alongside the mid and lower reach of the LongRiver now can be found in NanJing only.
    The butterly is so vunerable that the loss of its food and the intrusion by the tuorists both have fatal effects on it, and it is facing a high risk of extinction in the region.
    Green Stone lauched a campaign to draw more attention on the construction and restoration of the butterfly''s habitat, Which was called "HELP ME FLY"!
    Our project is funded by the Global Greengrant Fund(GGF)

          ----Protection and Restoration the Chinese Luehdorfia''s habit

Proposal of the Campaign

Review in 2001

The life time of the Chinese Luehdorfia

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