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Charities Aid Foundation
Activities and Programs

CAF India provides consulting and advisory services to local and global companies worldwide. These services are centred on developing employee engagement and community investment programmes thus giving companies an opportunity to fund local initiatives identified by CAF India.

CAF India''s Consulting and Advisory services give companies access to specialist advisers and consultants to help them design, implement and measure the impact of their community investment programmes. We work closely with corporates and institutions to:
provide customised information relevant to the social, community and philanthropic aims and vision of the client
assist in identification of charity partners and conducting due diligence
devise a viable project or trust framework combined with an effective operational strategy
establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms

In addition to advising companies on strategic direction, programme design and implementation, we also provide inputs on which causes to support and partner.

For companies with a community investment programme already in place, we help with programme reviews and provide ongoing support and guidance on programme implementation and management thus ensuring that objectives are met.

Our main activities:
helping you find organizations whose work you care about
offering consultation and advice about the most effective ways to support your favourite causes
ensuring that every Rupee you give is as tax efficient as possible
making it easy for you to give whenever you choose
providing you with the means to respond to emergency appeals quickly
enabling you to make in-kind gifts and other assets to charity

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