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Iraqi Organization for Woman and Child
Organizational Structure

The association has its own internal system of administration and its organizational structure:

Head of the Organization :
She is the responsible for managing, organizing and following up the performance of the association . She also directs the general policy and represent the association on the formal and semi formal level and with other national and international entities. The president is the supervisor for all other committees.

Board :
A board of 30 members all being elected by the general committee during the general meeting every 3 years by confidental voting.
The boad conists of the president and her vice, 10  members of the executive committee, 18 of the governorates and branches.

Executive Committee :
1- The Vice President
2- Secretary
3- The Head of Committee
4- Administrative Affair Officer
5- Financial Affairs Officer
6- Cultural Affairs Officer
7- Legal Affairs Officer
8- Follow up and Coordination Officer
9- Researches and Studies Officer
10- Public Relations and Media Officer
11- Committees and Centers Officer

Committees and Centers affiliated with the Association :
- Center of Study and Research.
- Sustainable Development Committee.
- Projects and Executing Committee.
- Symposia and Conferences Committee.
- Center of Women and Children in Rural Areas.

Departments :
1. General Administration: Has the administrative duties and post which is monitored by the head of the department.
2. Finance: Takes all the financial affaires and accounts and it also document the scholarships and donations and organizes them.
3. Legal Affairs Department: Revises the legal affaires and follows up the issues related to the organization from the legal aspect.
4. Media Department: Revises the media affaires and publishes the newsletters and periodicals.
5. Public Relations: Organizes the work of national and international affaires and coordinates it.

Offices and Branches :
1. The directress of a govern rate’s office becomes a board member.
2. Each governorate has an administrative committee headed by the office directress and has all the authorities of the head.


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