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Iraqi Organization for Woman and Child
History and Background
Iraqi family suffered much from the dictatorial regime through neglection illiteracy psychologist and social terrorism and oppression along last three decades.
The woman was an important part of Iraqi society, suffering from social, economical, neglection, and oppression of her simplest rights because of the tormented wars, massive eradication, embargo, and detaining that led to ignore her role in building the society.
The childhood suffered the same as the women including life requirements enough food  for growing up naturally, The children were exposed to the worse types of offense their rights in life, education, health, care and living under their parents care.
The situation is getting worse after the falling of regime according to the painful fact that we live in specially the losing security and the absence of the law.
The woman is essential in the society, having a great importance in bringing up the generation depend by society and its reform and development through the woman contribution in building the country especially in these hard times to awaken again.
For these reasons, an urgent need is required to establish a voluntary org. not profitable, behaving medially between the state and family, concerning the woman  and child, claiming their legal rights, activating  their role in Iraqi society to regain the woman humanity, realizing the wide gap between her and the man.
The org. is endeavoring to secure the child’s right in the honest life, education, health, and protection from the violations, violence and exploiting, The developing of any society depends an improving all the groups, especially the children, because they are the bright smile to make life beautiful.               
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