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Iraqi Organization for Woman and Child
Activities and Programs

The Iraqi Organization for Women and Child is perfoming several activities :
The woman :

• Uplifting the Iraqi woman spiritually, culturally, socially and activating her role in building the society.
• The woman enjoys her civil, political, economical, legal and cultural rights.
• Working on canceling all the oppressive rules against her rights and adjusting the law of socialism in order to contain items to concern the women.
• Providing her work chances and creating a circumstance for making both races equal and canceling the distinctive items in the law.
• Supporting the woman and working on supplying her with different skill and acquaintances through holding educational symposiums to enable her to master her role.
• Organizing conferences to show the problems and difficulties that face the woman and working on finding the suitable solutions.
• Expanding the participation of Iraqi woman at the legislated sides, political parties and the administrative system of the state and civil society organizations.
• Sustaining the woman and helping her against all shapes of violence and terrorism.

The child :
The targets bases on the international conventions for child’s rights and trying to :
• Securing his right at teaching and making it free and compulsory.
• Securing his right at the state care if he is prohibited from his parent’s protection.
• Protecting the child from violence, mischief, physical are mental offense or neglection and exploiting him.
• Taking care of the sick and insane child and protecting the handicapped and the orphan.
• Protecting children from working and exploitation.
• Developing their moral and cultural gifts.
• Committing of the international pact concerning their social and economical rights.
• Working on accomplishing their healthy and social care.
• Coordinating with the government sides, local and international org. to achieve the org aims.
• Adopting the childhood affairs and defending the child’s rights.
• Coordinating the efforts of Iraqi org. and societies which are NGO and activating their role in the field of caring the child’s rights.
• Acting in order to let the child enjoy all the legal rights in life at different stages since his birth until 18 years without ignoring his right before isolating from his mother at his birth.    
• Acting through developing notion of the child in the human morals and Islamic manners away from terrorism and violence.
• Attempting to activate the school managements in order not to let the children be away from schools.
• Establishing connections relations and cooperation with org. with similar aims and activities.
• Fighting begging and instructing the society of its dangers and mischief.
• Establishing cultural and educational courses in different fields especially learning the computer.


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