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Asia Crime Prevention Foundation (ACPF)
Staff and Members

ACPF, a unique United Nations'' NGO in Asia
-Promising Contributions to the World-
The Establishment and Development of ACPF
The Asia Crime Prevention Foundation (ACPF) was established in 1982, with the primary aim of promoting "Prosperity without Crime" through assisting, inter alia, the activities of the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders(UNAFEI). The ACPF is supported largely by contributions from its Alumni Members.
Since its foundation, in addition to supporting UNAFEI''s activities, the ACPF has made other important contributions such as assisting the overseas participants in the UNAFEI International Training Course in establishing and organising activities in their respective countries upon their return, and, in conjunction with the former participants, providing technical assistance for the implementation of anti-crime measures and working for the legislation and promotion of UN crime prevention measures, in their respective countries. ACPF also worked in collaboration with UNAFEI to improve the criminal justice legislation and promote counter-measures to international crime, in the region.
Recognition of ACPF''s Public Accountability and its International Achievements
In 1989, the Japanese government designated ACPF as a "Foundation for the Promotion of Public Benefits" in recognition of ACPF''s achievements. Three years later, in 1991, ACPF gained consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission (category 2) in recognition of its wide international contributions in the field of the crime prevention and criminal justice. Currently, ACPF is the only "UN-NGO" competent in such matters with its headquarters based in Asia .
Toward Increasing Contributions from the Asia-Pacific Region
As a UN-NGO, and having been publicly recognised as an integral organisation within the global framework of international co-operation, ACPF strives to perform more important international functions and activities, in addition to its role as an assistance agency. In this context, ACPF has made efforts to enlarge its organisation by increasing its individual and corporate membership. Accordingly, ACPF now maintains 27 branches throughout Japan (as of October 1998) and is seeking to further to expand its organisation domestically. With the financial support provided by these offices, ACPF can increase its support and co-operation with its overseas branch offices. In this way ACPF seeks to increase contributions from Japan to Asia and at the same time increase contributions from Asia to the world.
Finally, it may be recalled that crime is said to be one of the three most malevolent calamities faced by the human race. Dealing with crime and its reduction in the Asia-Pacific region is a vital role which ACPF as a unique, UN-NGO strives to achieve.
We sincerely request your co-operation and support.

ACPF Directors

(January , 2005)
President Mr. Taichi Sakaiya
(Mr. Kotaro Ikeguchi) Writer, Critic, Ex-Commissioner of the Economic Planning Agency
Chairman Mr. Minoru Shikita Attorney, Ex-Superintending Prosecutor of Nagoya High Public Prosecutors Office, Vice-President of International Association of Prosecutors
Director Mr. Ritsuo Isobe Executive Adviser, Hakuhodo Co., Ltd.
Director Mr. Takanori Kazuhara Councillor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ex-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ireland
Director Mr. Shinji Kayamori Executive Adviser, Daikoku Denki Co., Ltd.
Director Mr. Koichi Kawaji Representative of Koyo Group, President of ACPF Nihonbashi-kai Brunch
Director Mr. Yuji Kiyokawa Cooperate Executive Vice-President, Toshiba Co., Ltd.
Director Mr. Hiroyasu Sugihara Attorney, Ex-Superintending Prosecutor of Osaka High Public Prosecutors Office, Ex-Director of UNAFEI
Director Mr. Tan Takaiwa Chairman of the Board, Toei Co., Ltd.
Director Mr. Tetsuro Takizawa Auditor, RSC Co., Ltd.
Director Mr. Shinichi Tsuchiya Notary Public, Ex-Chief Prosecutor of Yamaguchi District Public Prosecutors Office
Director Mr. Masaharu Hino Attorney, Ex-Commissioner of Financial Service Agency, Ex-Superintending Prosecutor of Nagoya High Public Prosecutors Office
Director Mr. Hiroshi Maeda Attorney, Ex-Public Prosecutor General
Director Mr. Toshihiko Miyagawa Director, Kokugo Sakubun Kyoiku Kenkyu-sho
Director Dr. Koichi Miyazawa Emeritus Professor, Keio University
Director Mr. Goro Yamazaki Representative Director, Toshin-Kogyo Co., Ltd., President of ACPF Nangoku-kai Brunch
Director & Secretary General Mr. Kunihiro Horiuchi Attorney, Ex-Director of UNAFEI, Ex-Public Prosecutor of Supreme Prosecutors Office
Auditor Mr. Osamu Takada Attorney, Ex-Deputy Director of UNAFEI

ACPF Councillors

(August 25, 2004)
Mr. Toshisada Iijima Councillor, Japan United Nations Association
Mr. Kaoru Kayaba Commissioner for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights, Ex-Warden Kurobane Prison, Judicial Scrivener
Dr. Setsu Kobayashi Professor, Keio University
Mr. Noboru Koyama Deputy Director, Programme Management Bureau, ACPF
Mr. Shinzo Shibazaki Editorial Writer, Nikkei Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yasuhiko Suda Representative Director, Meisei Co., Ltd.
Mr. Takuo Takihana Member of the Board, Yomiuri Shimbun Group Co., Ltd., President, Executive Editor, Yomiuri Shimbun Co., Ltd., Owner of Yomiuri Giants
Mr. Toshihiko Tanaka Attorney
Ms. Hiroko Chiba Singer, Correctional Institution Visitor
Mr. Satoshi Tsutsumi Adviser, Tonichi Insatsu Co., Ltd.
Mr. Takahiro Toike Special Adviser, Dentsu Research Co., Ltd.
Rev. Kakujo Hayashi Priest of Nanzoin, Correctional Institution Visitor
Mr. Torataro Matsueda Representative Director, Matsueda Costume Co., Ltd.
Mr. Tatsuhiko Matsuo Criminal Justice Commentator, Counsellor of Tokyo Family Court
Dr. Masaharu Yanagimoto Ex-Professor, Asia University
Dr. Yasuhiko Yoshida Professor, Osaka University of Economic and Law

ACPF Academic Councillors

(August 25, 2004)
Dr. Toyo Atsumi Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University
Dr. Tatsuya Ohta Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University
Dr.Tatsuo Kunugi Professor, Division of Public Administration, International Christian University
Mr. Haruo Sato Consultant, Central Research Institute,
Japan Correctional Association
Dr. Kuniji Shibahara Professor, Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University
Dr. Takeshi Tsuchimoto Professor, Faculty of Law, Teikyo University
Dr. Yasuo Hagiwara Professor, Department of Culture and Social Work Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Josai International University
Dr. Koya Matsuo Emeritus Professor, Tokyo University
Dr. Setsuo Miyazawa Professor, Faculty of Law, Waseda University
Dr. Hidemichi Morosawa Chairperson of Tokiwa Gakuen
Dr. Kiyoshi Yasutomi Professor, Keio University

ACPF International Director

Mr. Thomas Garner Matosinhos,
PORTUGAL Retired Commissioner of Correction Service, Hong Kong

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle Islamabad,
PAKISTAN Director General, National Police Bureau, Ministry of Interior, Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Mr. Suchinta Utharvathna Bangkok,
THAILAND Member of National Police Commission, Thailand
Mr. Keder Paudel Kathmandu,
NEPAL Under Secretary, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Nepal
Mr. Adi Andojo Soetjpto Jakarta,
INDONESIA Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Trisakti, Indonesia

Dr. Abdul Hadi Zakaria Kuala Lumpur,
MALAYSIA Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Mr. H. G. Dharmadasa Colombo,
SRI LANKA Retired Commissioner of Prisons, Sri Lanka
Mr. Severino H. Gana, Jr. Manila,
PHILIPPINES Assistant Chief State Prosecutor, National Prosecution Service, Department of Justice, Philippines
Dr. Ye Feng Beijing,
CHINA Director-General, International Judicial Cooperation Department, Supreme People''s Prosecution Service, People''s Republic of China
Mr. Han, Youngsuk Seoul,
KOREA Vice Chairman, Korea Crime Prevention Foundation

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi New Delhi,
INDIA Chairman, ACPF India

ACPF International Academic Councillors
Mr. Enamul Hoque Dhaka,
BANGLADESH Member of Law Commission
Former Inspector General of Police
Visiting Expert, U.N.O.
President, ACPF Bangladesh

Dr. Cheng Wei-qiu Beijing,
CHlNA Professor, China University of Political Science and Law, People''s Republic of China

Dr. Mardjono Reksodiputro Jakarta,
INDONESIA Professor of Law and Criminology, University of Indonesia

Dr. Naeem Tariq Islamabad,
PAKISTAN Associate Professor, National Institute of Psychology, Center of Excellence, Qaid-1-Azam University, Pakistan

Dr. Shumugam Chandra Mohan SINGAPORE Director, Legal Policy Division, Ministry of Law, Singapore

Dr. Prathan Watanavanich Bangkok,
THAILAND Vice President for Personnel Department, Faculty of Law, Thamasat University, Thailand

Mr. Prachanda Raj Anil Kathmandu,
NEPAL Advocate, Supreme Court Bar Association, Nepal

Dr. Cha Yong Suk Seoul,
KOREA Professor, Dean of College of Law,Hanyang University, Korea
Dr. Barindra Nath Chattoraj Delhi,
INDIA LNJN National Chair Professor of Criminology, LNJN National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science, Ministry of Home Affairs, India
Justice Ramon U.Mabutas,Jr. Manila,
PHlLIPPINES Associate Justice, Court of Appeals, Philippines

Dr. Nadasena Ratnapala Colombo,
SRI LANKA Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka

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