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Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
Activities and Programs

-Commencement of a major Arctic Marine Environment Protection

Programme, co-executed by ACOPS:
In August 2003, final approval was given for major new environment protection project in the Russian Federation ‘Support to the National Programme of Action for the protection of the Marine Environment’.

This project of global significance will be implemented by UNEP and co-executed by ACOPS and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation. The Global Environment Facility, the Russian Federation and the governments of Canada, European Commission, Iceland, Italy, Denmark (through the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North - RAIPON) and United States will over the next five years support the project to the tune of over $30 million.
(Download Project Brief at GEF - http://www.gefonline.org/projectDetails.cfm?projID=1164).

Support from the governments of Finland, Norway and Sweden is also under consideration. It is a truly international project of global significance. The International Financial Institutions, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Nordic Environment Financial Corporation have also joined the project.

-Projects developed by the Working Group on Coastal Erosion:
The project proposal “Coastal Erosion Control in sub-Saharan Africa (COS1”), aims at providing and implementing solutions to degradation caused by coastal erosion through components which range from assessment and identification of sites affected by this phenomenon, to the design, implementation and monitoring of appropriate solutions. Emphasis is placed on capacity building and awareness raising, as well as on the exchange of experiences in the region. Management arrangements called for include National Steering Committees, a Regional Steering Committee which would act as forum for information exchange and assessment of progress, and an Advisory Board to provide scientific and technical advice, assist project teams, and ensure links with global and regional activities.

“Development and Implementation of Integrated Marine and Coastal Area Management (ICAM) in sub-Saharan Africa (COS 2)”, seeks to support and facilitate the implementation and development of integrated marine and coastal area management (ICAM) approaches as a key element for addressing coastal erosion. The project calls for the establishment of a sub-regional coordination unit with a detailed mandate, assessments of constraints to effective implementation of ICAM approaches at the national level, and strategies to address these. Information sharing and dissemination are a core component as are evaluation and monitoring activities.

“Impacts of Climate Change and Sea-level Rise on the Coastal Zones of sub-Saharan Africa (COS 3)” is to be developed through four components. After determining historical sea level rise using various types of data, coastal zones vulnerable to climate change impacts are to be identified, and information synthesised at the sub-regional level. Project activities include analysis of environmental and socio-economic impacts of this phenomenon as well as of adaptation measures. Although the project is to be implemented through national committees, a sub-regional coordination committee would act as an advisory body, and ensure the coherence of studies.

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