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African Academy of Sciences
History and Background

AAS aims to be the engine for driving scientific and technological development in Africa.

Deriving from the mandate, the AAS mission is to serve, first, as an honorific society with the primary function of honouring African science and technology achievers and, second, as a developmentoriented mobilizer of the entire African science and technology community with the fundamental role of facilitating the development of scientific and technological capacity for science-led development in Africa, promoting excellence and relevance in doing so.

The main objectives of the Academy, as stated in its constitution, are to:-

-Promote and foster the growth of the scientific community in Africa by recognizing, supporting and enhancing excellence in the scientific research undertaken by African scientists;
-Stimulate and nurture the spirit of scientific discovery and technological innovation in Africa in order to promote socioeconomic development through research and development;
-Promote collaboration among African scientists and between them and the world scientific community in order to facilitate regional integration and to serve the cause of global peace and security;
-Facilitate, coordinate and undertake the publication and dissemination of scientific and technological achievements in Africa;
-Improve Africa’s capacity for management of research, development and public policy by bridging the gaps among natural, applied and social scientists, the productive sector and the government;
-To provide information on, and support for, public awareness and understanding of science and technology, and to promote the development of a science culture in Africa.

The overall goals of AAS are to strengthen science and technology capacity, to mobilize science and technology resources in the continent and among the African diaspora, to stimulate problem-solving research and development in the pivotal areas of the continent’s development, and to market the Academy’s activities widely for greater impact on African social development and economic growth.

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