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Egypt's Daughter Association
History and Background

The Association is an Egyptian Non-governmental and unprofitable Organization, registered in the Ministry of social Affairs in 1993  (reg. No. 4043) under the law No.32 in 1964. 

     Dr. lawyer Esmat El Merghany Established Egypt''s Daughter Association by her thoughts, her efforts & her own fund to paticipate      in the social development of the Egyptian socity through founding an ideal orphanage to develop and improve the quality of life of      Egyptian orphan children who lost their parents and need a hand to support them, through providing them parmant care aand      services necessary for life as  they proceed through providing them permanent care and services necessary for life as they      proceed through the various growth  stages from birth unil they become independent and fully integrated in the society.
Future Target:
The Association Works in Different Directions to Implement its Future Plan.

First : 
Upgrading the level of the provided services to cope with the requirements of the children according to their ages, until they reach the final stage of education and be involved in the force and form their independent lives .

Expanding the Association capacity by increasing the number of orphan children through establishing new branches of the orphanages in different areas.

Third :  
 Constructing an integrated city for the orphans, consisted of housing , building , a school , playgrounds , and a separate health care unit.
 Changing the stigma of society towards the orphan children , through introducing to the society a distinguished orphan, society , educationally and physiologically.
 Developing the local communities , increasing the awareness & improving the economical and cultural status. 
 Establishing a training centers for girls to be trained on secretarial works , knitting , computer and hand crafts.
 Seeking assistance from the major corporations to assist the youth by providing them all the facilities needed to establish their own homes without any financial support from the association.
 Establishing a social and cultural club,a nursery , a club and infirmary for the elderly.
 Issuing a newspaper after getting the official approval of the authorities.
 Establishing libraries , exchanging experiences and visits with other association & foreign associations working in the field of development & in other similar purposes after consulting the official authorities.
 Eradicating illiteracy , establishing office for family planning to guide women for better health and to avoid diseases increasing the awareness of violence, avoiding female circumcision , protecting the health of the child and mother from harmful practices and taking care of the fertility.
 Improving the woman general standard of living. Also providing medical services for grass root people through transferring them to hospitals and other medical centers .
 Protecting the environment and welfare of the disabled orphan child.

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