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American Field Service(A.F.S)
History and Background
AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.
The Core Values and Attributes of AFS
AFS enables people to act as responsible global citizens working for peace and understanding in a diverse world. It acknowledges that peace is a dynamic concept threatened by injustice, inequity and intolerance.
AFS seeks to affirm faith in the dignity and worth of every human being and of all nations and cultures. It encourages respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion or social status.
AFS activities are based on our core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance.
Adopted at the 1993 World Congress.
AFS Vision for the Year 2010
Our mission is the framework and foundation of our work. Our core values are a source of stability as we position ourselves as a strategic thinking and acting organization to lead change. We will be at the forefront of those serving the need for intercultural education in an increasingly more global and locally diverse world, as outlined below in this Vision for AFS in the year 2010.
AFS Will Be A Leader In Intercultural Education
AFS will be recognized throughout the world for high quality programs and our defining role in educational youth exchanges, as well as for our contributions in the field of intercultural learning and global education. Our competency in intercultural education will be based on long experience, grounded in research, and reinforced by our ability to innovate.
AFS Will Enable People To Become Global Citizens And Global Neighbors
AFS will turn diversity into an asset instead of a source of conflict. It is our belief that people change the world by taking responsibility in their local community aided by a wider global perspective. In the field of intercultural learning nothing can match the impact of a facilitated face-to-face experience that brings people together across the boundaries of nation, culture and socio-economic status.
School-based exchange programs will be the heart of what we do. They foster personal growth and intercultural learning within a family, school and community setting. We are committed to strengthen and expand these programs.
AFS will expand the opportunities for young adults to develop their intercultural skills in another culture while engaged in voluntary service, or vocational or educational training.
AFS will take advantage of new technologies and other opportunities that will link and transform communities into interdependent global neighborhoods. We will constantly adapt our methodology to enhance the learning experience.
AFS Will Embody Diversity
AFS will have a widely recognized presence all over the world. AFS will actively seek the participation of people throughout the organization reflecting diversity in all dimensions. AFS will work to ensure that qualified participants will be involved regardless of their financial means.
AFS Will Bring People And Organizations Together
We will advance dynamic relationships with schools and other organizations to offer and make best use of available expertise in pursuit of our mission and goals. Building these networks will expand our outreach and maximize the use of scarce resources.
AFS Will Contribute To Society Through Volunteerism and the Way We Work Together
We promote volunteerism as an important way by which people serve society. People committed to AFS contribute time and talents for the benefit of others who in turn pass the benefit on to other people and communities. AFS will provide volunteers with opportunities for recognition, learning and personal growth. AFS staff and volunteers will work together with mutual respect and understanding of their different roles and competencies in the interest of the worldwide organization. AFS will enable former participants, family members, educators and the community at large to engage in a life-long
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