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Jordan women union
Activities and Programs

The campaigns and the laws targeted by the activities of the Union:
-Incessant demands and pressure campaigns to eradicate poverty. For this purpose, the Union established a wide national coalition to combat poverty.
-Continuous educational, training and raising awareness campaigns, especially those concerning the eradication of women’s alphabetical and legislative illiteracy.
-Claims, activities and pressure campaigns to develop the laws and eliminate all forms of discriminations against women, such as:
Nationality Law, Election Law and Personal Status Law (divorce, custody, inheritance, the minimum age of marriage).
-Specialized courses in various fields according to the needs of women in different locations.
The department of income-generating projects in the Jordanian Women’s Union began its work in the year 2003 to enhance the Union’s approach regarding training, rehabilitation and empowerment of women to be able to rely on themselves.
Income-generating projects aim at:
-Securing a steady source of income to cover an important portion of the increasing expenses of the Union.
-Working on training, rehabilitation and providing job opportunities for women according to their capacities and special conditions.
-Communicating with the local society through offering various social and economic services.

The Income-generating Department includes 6 projects:
1 A Beauty Saloon.
2 A Computer Center and an Internet Café.
3 A Kitchen.
4 A Shelter.
5 Heritage and Manual Handicrafts Project.
6 A Canteen.

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