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Jordan women union
Mechanism of Operation


Membership is open to every Jordanian Women, or wife of a Jordanian without any discrimination.
Application process
1. A membership form is filled-out and submitted to the nearest branch.
2. A written endorsement of the application form, signed by two branch Supervising Committee members,  or Administrative Committee members, or three members of the General Assembly of the branch.
3. A membership fee of 2 JD is paid.
4. Membership applications are processed at the next meeting of the Supervising Committee of the branch, or the Administrative Committee of the branch (where applicable the Supervising Committee submits the applications with the appropriate recommendations to the Administrative Committee of the branch). Finally, the Administrative Committee completes final processing in its subsequent meeting.
5. Decisions to accept or reject applications are delivered by hand or mail within two weeks of the above mentioned Administrative Committee meeting.
6. Applications that are denied may reapply and/or appeal at any time. 

Losing membership
Membership is considered expired in the following situations:

1. Annual fee remains unpaid 4 months after due date.  Members will be notified in writing.
2. Actions contrary to the goals of the Jordanian Women Union or its bylaws.  Members are first provided an opportunity to defend themselves in accordance with the Union disciplinary regulations.
3. Death.
4. Resignation.

A member who ends her membership is not eligible to recover contributions, fees, or donations given to the Union or any of its programs or projects.
General provisions 
1. Each center or branch has a membership record which is reviewed and renewed annually  
2. Each member receives a membership card with a photo, the President of the JWU’s signature, and any other pertinent data.
3. The JWU may procure promotional material bearing its logo.
4. The JWU may grant honorary memberships to women who have contributed to advancing the status of women, or the women''''s movement in Jordan through Executive Committee decisions.
5. Support membership may be offered to interested person or entity that supports the goals of the JWU. The support member, or its legal representative if it is a corporate body, has the right to receive bulletins and attend activities/events to which it is invited, however, do not have the right to nominate or elect nor to vote on resolutions. Support Members are expected to pay the annual fee and follow standard membership procedures.  
6. Permanent residents of Jordan are eligible for membership.
7. Memberships cards may carry the JWU logo.
All members have the right to:

Receive legal notices and notifications by local newspapers
Attend regular and emergency meetings of the General Assembly of the branch
Nominate and elect membership of the administrative committee of a branch, general Assembly, Central counsel, Executive Committee, any position or mission in the Union
Give views and vote on resolutions in the meetings
Access records, minutes of meetings, and the annual financial and administrative reports
Participate in Union’s publications and bulletins
Make use of the programs, projects and services of the Union
Participate in the work of committees

All of the above is in accordance with the provisions of this statute and the regulations and instructions of the JWU

All members are responsible for:

Payment of annual registration fee
Payment of “optional” financial obligations related to the publications and bulletins and the use of services where prior commitment was made
Abiding by the goals of the Union, its bylaws, internal regulations, and instructions
Participation in Union activities, committees and meetings as much as possible

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