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Emirates Arabian Horse Society
Mechanism of Operation

Rule 1
Membership  Rule
Any recorded owner of a registered Arabian horse or an individual interested in Arabian horses may  become an associate member of the Emirates Arabian Horse Registry by submitting an application.


Rule 2
Section1: Requirements & Procedures for Registration of Domestic Horses
Section2: Requirements & Procedures for Registration of Horses Imported in Utero        
Section3: Requirements & Procedures for Registration of Imported Horses                
Section4: Requirements for Artificial Insemination Using Semen Which isNot Stored or Transported                    
Section 5: Requirements for Artificial Insemination Using Transported or stored Semen
Section 6: Requirements for Artificial Insemination Using Imported Semen
Section 7: Blood Typing
Section 8: Names        
Section 9: Registration Numbers
Section 10: Certificate of Registration        
Section 11: UAE Arabian Horse Passport
Section 12: Procedures for the documentation required for Arabian Horses Section 13: Authorization
Section 14: Requirements for Embryo Transfer


Rule 3
Transfer Of Ownership             
The application for transfer must be completed in ink or typewritten and must be signed in ink   by the seller or authorized agent. The passport or the original certificate of registration, completed application for transfer (Appendix ) must be submitted to the Emirates Arabian Horse Society where the change of ownership will be officially recorded.


Rule 4     
Duplicate & Replacement Passport Or Certificate,Passport Or Certificate Changes & Cancellation                                   
Section 1: Duplicate Passport or Certificate                             
Section 2: Replacement Passport or Certificate                           
Section 3: Markings and/or Color Changes                                
Section 4: Castration                                                                    Section 5: Death.


Rule 5


Rule 6
Standards Of Registration may be changed from time to time, and as occasion may require, be made in a manner determined by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society.

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