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Activities and Programs

Major Activities of Jeddah Saudi Society of Family & Community Medicine in 2002:

Monthly Jeddah Primary Health Care Club is a big achievement in our region not only for the Continuous Medical Education efforts but also for the social & discipline gathering for  the qualified Family & Community Medicine doctors
This club is now held in an ordinary matter between the major health sectors in the region namely (Ministry of Health/National Guard/ Military/King Abdulaziz University). It is held every month, 8 times a year except in Ramadan Al-Hajj /summer, this club is sponsored by Pfizer Company and accredited for 1 CME hour by Saudi Council for Health Specialities.
GP News Journal
This news journal is a quarterly Journal  aimed to publish abstracts of local researches due in Jeddah in the field of Family & Community Medicine as well the news of the society in the primary care  and Primary Care related issues.

Women Committee ( Women Health Group )
This committee is another major achievements in the region although it was found only 6/12 ago. The health education projects done for the community were leading & very successful.
The committee are now in the process of finding a suitable office to run the extended lists of activities (attached some of the projects) implemented during the last few months


Health Education Committee
This was a part of the international working group but it was found that this activity is a major challenge to all the people working in Family & Community Medicine. A list of the Common Health Problems were identified & distributed to interested members for editing translation and language communication then for revision by the committee. Around 100 topics are ready now

Internal Working Group
During the last year series of efforts were made to update or re-innovate the society website the major constrain in the lack of sponsor and the high price…. We tried to convince the society administrative board to invest on this but no support.
Lastly we manage to find a reasonable offer to build a new website during the coming year it well be a challenging goal for us.

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