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Organizational Structure

Working Committee
Follow-up Committee:

Regional Committee, standing as the highest body in charge of managing the Portal. It is made up of representatives from each country, selected from within each local committee.

• The role of the Committee is to assess the general policy of the portal and to elect the members of the Ethics Committee during an ordinary annual session;

• The Committee’s Secretariat - Forum of Alternatives Morocco/FMAS - shall be responsible for monitoring the implementation by the local committees of the plans and decisions of the Monitoring Group in between sessions, through a monthly report.


Local Committees:

These committees are made up of the Portal’s members in each country.

The Committees shall elect from among themselves a Coordinating Committee to be in charge of communication with the Secretariat of the Follow-up Committee and of monitoring the workflow in the relevant country.

Role of the Local Committee:

• Defining the mode of selecting the Coordinating Committee and the delegates empowered to sign conventions on its behalf;

• Preparing and implementing mobilization and communication strategies;

• Mobilizing members through the design of communication and promotional tools;

• Each member of the local committee undertakes to update the administrative data of the relevant members-users;

• Promoting the Portal through information meetings, exchange sessions and cultural events;

• Identifying networks and non-governmental organizations that might be potential members-users;

• Coordinating training sessions for the new members to introduce them to the use of the Portal;

• Working out a program of activities and monitoring its implementation;

• Organizing sources for the gathering of information;

• Assisting the Management Committee in developing the Portal’s resources;

• Each member of the Local Committee undertakes to publish its Code of Ethics on the Portal.


Ethics Committee:

It is made up of 5 persons elected from within the Follow-up Committee. The Ethics Committee shall see to impartiality, decentralization, continuous development, the availability of a local facilitation mechanism, and the transparency of decisions.

The role of the Committee shall be to enforce the Code of Ethics, through the following:

• Reviewing published content, on the basis of the Editorial Board’s report;

• Issuing warnings;

• Applying the penalties provided for in the Code of Ethics;

• Ensuring the openness of the Portal;

• Updating the Code of Ethics;

• Seeing to the observance of the members’ rights and obligations (membership and participation);

• Receiving the complaints of members-users and submitting them to the Monitoring Group.


Editorial Board (Working Group based in Morocco), responsible for the following:

• Preparing and publishing a monthly newsletter on the portal;

• Managing a “Letters to the Editor” section to rally non-member organizations;

• Publishing (updating the sections of the portal, ensuring the technical production and posting of the Portal’s contents, etc.);

• Organizing the sources of information gathering;

• Editing the articles to be published on the website;

• Gathering documents, analyses, publications and reports published by civil society organizations or international institutions and organizations, in cooperation with the local committees which shall be responsible for obtaining the required licences to publish;

• Ensuring the compliance of published articles with the goals of the Portal, by referring to the Ethics Committee;

• Supervising the editorial policy of the website;

• Selecting the contents of the main page;

• Following-up and developing the various portal pages.


Resource Management Committee (Working Group based in Morocco), in charge of the following:

• Transparent management of all the Portal’s financial resources;

• Proposing priorities regarding the distribution and allocation of financial resources, upon the recommendations of the Monitoring Group and the Local Committees;

• Submitting result-oriented financial reports to the Monitoring Group for approval;

• Ensuring the allocation of sufficient financial budgets to each activity;

• Ensuring logistic support (material items needed for organizing activities);

• Preparing financial and executive reports intended for partners and donors;

• Proposing potential national and international partners.

The Resource Management Committee shall be assisted by the Local Committees in the task of developing the Portal’s resources.


Technical Team:

• The Technical Team which is based at the headquarters of the Forum of Alternatives Morocco (FMAS) shall ensure the technical maintenance of the web server and the portal’s dynamics. The Team shall also be responsible for the technical management of the server, the software components of the portal, and any necessary technical improvements of the website, in addition to managing the access of members-users, in accordance with the guidelines of the Monitoring Group. Besides, it shall be in charge of conducting training workshops for members-users;

• The Technical Team shall receive remarks and recommendations from the Follow-up Committee.

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