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Nahdet El Mahrousa
History and Background

Nahdet El-Mahrousa was chosen as a name since El-Mahrousa was Egypt’s name at one of its most prosperous modern times

Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) is an Egyptian non-governemental, organization initiated by Egyptian youth with the aim of empowering Egyptian youth. NM works as an incubator for ideas that empower the young generation and present successful models for national implementation. NM also endeavors to provide an organizational model for replication by other interested Egyptian groups. NM was founded by a group of young Egyptians around the globe united to share ideas and work towards one common vision

Nahdet El Mahrousa started in November 2002 with a group of ambitious young Egyptians believing in restoring the values, ideas, and culture that once led this great country to being the cradle of all of civilization. Those young Egyptians believe Egypt deserves a better future. They insist on making this dream a reality by collaborating with others, and synthesizing their thoughts and ideas for the future in a framework for constructive action. They capitalized on their complementary experiences, strong network both locally and internationally, research and analysis capacity and grass roots outreach.

NM members proactively exercise a culture full of energy, talent, vigor, and great ambitions that will greatly inspire and impact the future of many generations to come. NM welcomes all Egyptians who want to contribute their thoughts, experience, knowledge, and activities towards the development of a better Egypt.

On November 23rd, 2003 the officially declared NGO, Nahdet El Mahrousa was established under the registration number 5434 with 22 founding members  NM is located in the heart of Cairo, in Abdeen area.

NM seeks to make a positive impact on Egypt’s cultural, economic and social development through the cultivation and incubation of innovative project ideas until they are independent and successful national models.

Our Goals

    1. Incubates innovative development project ideas
    2. Empowering young Egyptians by providing them with the tools necessary to create civic-minded projects, organizations or enterprises. 
    3. Provides access to a variety of resources including: a network of like-minded young people, partnership, training, seed capital and media opportunities needed to launch their innovative projects. 
    4. Promotion of innovative & creative ideas from Egyptian youth and brainstorming methods of turning these ideas into successful working projects.
    5. Establishing full-fledged, independent, and self-sustainable NGOs (or projects within NGOs) serving Egypt
    6. Creating a forum for experience-sharing and networking among NM independent projects
    7. Promotion of nationalism and patriotism towards Egypt and their translation into a general sense of responsibility towards improving the country.
    8. Empowering Egyptian “agents of change”, aiming to contribute to country’s development through scaling-up their projects /NGOs and entering arenas for macro development
    9. Creating a network and a community of successful young Egyptians who can help each other
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