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Nahdet El Mahrousa
Activities and Programs

Nahdet El Mahrousa currently incubates a number of diverse programs that aim at Egypt’s development through youth capacity building, promoting the research & development culture, reversing the brain drain, economic development through SME initiatives, reviving Egyptian cultural heritage, and promoting tolerance education. Volunteerism, networking, creating awareness and building capacity of individuals and organizations are the strategies used by Nahdet El-Mahrousah to contribute to Egypt’s development. 

Among the emerging innovations that NM incubates are:
Mentoring For Leadership
The concept is to match a mentor (successful young Egyptian in his/her late twenties or thirties) with a mentee (a university student or recent graduate) in a trust based mentoring relationship that is not constrained with family or work constraints, and can last over a long duration of time. The end result is stronger youth, equipped with the tools to handle the challenges of the future and support the development of Egypt.

Youth Book
The youth book will be a channel through which Egyptian youth can read about their existing problems and how other successful youth models were able to overcome them, through identifying the current problems hindering youth from achieving their goals and defining the values (tools) needed to help them achieve those goals. The book will also present case studies and success stories as a practical guide to show youth that they are capable of solving the problem or applying the value. Learn more

The National University Scholarship Project
The project aims at stimulating the spirit and culture of Research & Development  in science faculties at  national universities through instituting a competition to stimulate excellence among distinguished student groups of the fourth -and final- year at school, toward their satisfaction of the Graduation Project (“GP”) requirement. Student groups successful in the competition process would qualify for a financial sponsorship of their GP. Sponsoring of projects will be through raising a substantial number of family gifts / scholarships .

Aswan Crafts Initiative
The project aims to contribute to an enhanced income and employment among craft-makers as well as preserve cultural heritage through preserving the skill of craft-making by creating partnerships with craft-makers and marketing outlets which are based on, fair trade principles which entails reciprocal benefits and mutual respect. The project also seeks to reorient the current consumption patterns of the Egyptian society towards more integration of traditional crafting skills into daily use through building awareness and product development.

Small & Medium Enterprises
The projects aims at helping Egyptian industry through assisting  youth who  establishsmall and Medium  enterprises. The first phase is a field  and secondary sources researches on small and medium industrial projects (what  they produce; their added value to the Egyptian economy; what problems they face etc.). The project will also  provide those  enterprises  consulting through the “Egyptian Expatriates for Development” program.

Egyptian Expatriates for Development (EED)
The EED initiative aims at reversing the brain drain through establishing an Egyptian channel or GATEWAY through which Egyptian Expatriates could support and participate in Egypt’s development by volunteering to provide their expertise.

Torath El Mahrousa
Torath El Mahrousa is directed at highlighting the vast and extraordinary Egyptian heritage. The program is composed of two components; the first component aims at cultivating a positive sense of identity among Egyptian children through collecting, compiling and recording what has remained from unwritten oral fairytales and representing them in modern language suitable and attractive for today’s children. The second component aims at preserving “Street Vendors Calls” which is an interesting element of Egypt’s cultural heritage, through recording their chants and making them available on a CD for art collectors, cultural museums, and art performers.

The project aims at educating children between 10 to 15 years about the Egyptian heritage with its diversity of cultures, religions, and resources so that they learn to appreciate Egypt as a country, enhance their confidence in it and feel passionate to develop it. The project also aims at educating them about the current challenges, and allowing them to understand that these challenges are facing all of us and to overcome them we need to act together. The project will provide the opportunity for Egyptian children from diverse backgrounds, religions, classes & origins to interact together to value tolerance and to cooperate together in a constructive & productive manner to develop our country.

Exporting Handicrafts Initiative
The project seeks to open foreign markets for Egyptian handicrafts based on Fair Trade principles.

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