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Sudan Open Learning Organization (SOLO)
Organizational Structure

Planning, coordination, monitoring, execution of Organization work and activities are carried by administrative bodies in a hierarchical order as follows :

a) Council of Trustees: 
It consists of thirty people representing concerned  government agencies, universities and high scientific institutions, private sector and personalities of public initiatives. Its main functions are :
1- Nomination of Board of Directors.
2- Enactment of general plans, policies, programmes, budget indicators, internal regulations raised by the Board of Directors.
3- Enactment of the annual reports and financial accounts.

b) Board of Directors:
It consists of fourteen members (including the Executive Director) representing concerned agencies and organizations, specialized and experienced people involved in social welfare, education and voluntary work. Its main functions are :
1- Preparation and recommendation  of plans, policies and detailed programmes.
2- Preparation and recommendation of general budget and performance reports.
3- Nomination of the Executive Director.
4- Enactment of terms of services in accordance with Labour Laws. 
5- Facilitation, promotion of work standards and realization of programmes and goals.

c) Executive Administration :
This is the administrative body involved directly in the overall activities of the organization:  planning, implementation, supervision, follow-up, financial and administrative management, reporting, analysis, evaluation, research and studies .  It functions under the leadership of a qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated and competent Executive Director.  It consists of , in addition to the Director :
Five assistant Directors responsible for the specialized offices of :
 - Programmes
 - Administration
- Financial affairs
- Editing, publishing and information,
 - States and regional services.
Programme Managers and Coordinators responsible for direct implementation of programmes.
Branch offices facilitating implementation and supervision.
A considerable number of permanent and part-time personnel.


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