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Sudan Open Learning Organization (SOLO)
Mechanism of Operation

Management Systems :
SOLO has well established and effective management systems that plan, coordinate, control, and direct the activities of the Organization to realize its goals and objectives :

Rules and Regulations :
The overall work and activities of the Organization are governed by :
a)  Public laws and regulations.
b)  The Organization's mandate and regulations
c) The bilateral agreements between the Organization and donor organizations and concerned government agencies.

Executive Decision Making :
Decision making, though finally vested on the Executive Director, is always an outcome of participatory and collective efforts of specialized office and programmes personnel in addition to specialized internal and external consultants who render valuable services to the organization.
Decisions always and absolutely comply with public laws, the organization's mandate, administrative and financial regulations, goals and objectives and equally important, with bilateral agreements with donors and partner organizations.

Implementation :
The implementation of programmes is also a joint effort of the SOLO Organization's specialized offices and programmes personnel.  It is carried according to programmes specifications and TOR stated in the bilateral agreements with the donor organizations.  Implementation is always enhanced and facilitated by the use of affordable technology, transport facilities and computer services provided by the Organization; and is strengthened by response to feedback coming from beneficiaries as well as partner organizations. 

Recruitment and Training of Personnel :
Recruitment of personnel to the Organization is limited to qualified candidates and applicants.  These too are subject to continuous training either internally, externally or through the training provided by the programmes workshop.  DED and IEC provide  valuable assistance in this respect.

Reporting :
Programme execution is carried through in timely planned phases. It is subject to continuous supervision and follow-up and evaluation. Monthly, quarterly and final financial and narrative reports are prepared by concerned specialized staff, programmes managers, coordinators, supervisors and evaluators.    

These reporters are either working in the field, or make field visits as specified in the programmes and TORs. Reports are raised to the Organization headquarters where they are discussed, analyzed and evaluated; and related decisions are undertaken.  Special reports are raised to donor organizations, advisory committees, steering committees .. etc.  The overall work and plans of the Organization are reported to the Board of Directors, Council of Trustees and to concerned government agencies.  Monitoring and decisions are expected from all these bodies.   

In the human resources area the Organization employs (27) full-timers and enjoys the services of (120) part-timers.  The Director and two of her senior staff are holders of the Diploma in Distance Education from the UK.  All remaining full-timers had access to professional training in DOL through workshops conducted by international expertise.  The Organization has its HQs in Khartoum and one branch office in Kassala and a second branch office in Rubkona, Unity State South Sudan.  A third branch office (a high prospect) will be located in the Nuba Mountains area. 

Support Services :
SOLO owns a printing press that started with one small offset machine in the late 1980s to produce print materials in black and white only.  Today SOLO owns six machines, two of them are of size 52 x 70 cms and produce quality printing  in four colours.

Currently the printing press provides 20-30% of the financing, and is hoped to progressively increase its share in the future. However, SOLO will continue to receive funding from its traditional donors (UNICEF, UNHCR, IEC, Christian Aid [UK] ) as well as from any prospective donors in future. This is because more needs await to be met and the existing services also await expansion and development. 

Future Participation by Beneficiaries :
SOLO has no reservations as regards the participation of children, women and others in the planning and management of projects targeting them. In doing so the organization draws not only on the basics of the profession but also on real life itself, as experienced in the field. 



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