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1-  ATTITUDES SOCIETY of ART & CULTURE: is a non -governmental organization nor a political one, it cares about developing the cultural affairs inside Iraq, and strives to create cultural programs to rise the social taste and widening the range of the enlightened elite ,it aims too to construct a net of connections to link the organizations which work in the same aspect ,so as to create a wide working base and facilitating the process of exchanging experiences.
 ATTITUDES is an expression of a selected society where members assist each other to fulfill general targets in spite of the differences in the personal attitudes , so it collects theses different attitudes and points of view to accomplish it certain aims.

2- ATTITUDES cares about the following aspects: fine arts, music arts, theatre arts, design, calligraphy, ornamentation, cinema, photography, broadcasting and TV arts, literature, writing, archeology and tourism.
- It was established in 6th February, 2004.
- 63 members took part in establishing it, from different specializations, and its members now are more than 250 , it also accepts membership of organizations, associations, and art groups, so as to create a wide net of cooperation and to fulfill a better spreading of intellectual theses. It was registered in (Planning ministry) with the number 1B3125.
- it made its first comprehensive festival in ( al Rabat hall) on 21st June 2004.
-ATTITUDES plans to make seasonal festivals for the following activities: music festival , theatre festival ,fine arts festival and cinema festival.

3- ATTITUDES strives to strengthen the cooperation among the organizations, and to create shared working programs , focusing on the works of artists and intellectuals to make chances for them for marketing their works, some thing which would limit the poverty phenomenon in these societies .It aims too to activate special programs to develop the knowledge level in the society and to help in leading the aesthetical taste of the society through a dense stream of shows and artistic and cultural activities.

4- ATTITUDES cooperates with other official and non official organizations and sides to prepare media campaigns in a decent and convincing level which considers the Iraqi general mentality and don’t affect negatively on the general taste.

5- ATTITUDESv registered in the Ministry of Planning at the center of Non-governmental organizations no.1B3125.

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