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Activities and Programs

Our Projects

1. Attitudes did the wall chart (New Iraq) for the NGOs conference in 4-5 August 2004 
2. Attitudes arranged the media campaign of the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity (September 2004).
3. Attitudes did the art directory for (Al-Jeel Magazine) for kids age 6-12 (for the Iraqi commission on public integrity- February-2005).
4. Attitudes produced TV video clips about election by the fund of UNIFEM (December 2004).
5. Contributed posters campaigns during the elections.

6. Contributed with another NGOs to establishing Al-Mahaba radio station (voice of Iraqi woman) until may 2005
 7. Attitudes elected by 75 organizations to be the had for the coordinator committee of : IRAQ without Violence net work, during conference arranged by IFES EVER-Arbil-16-17-may-2005
8. ATTITUDES did the project no: RSS-PS05-2084 (arranging media campaign about the referendum of the constitution), June 2005, by the fund of UNOPS, which contain the following
a. Print and distribute one million copies of posters through all of Iraq
b. print and distribute 500.000 copies of a booklet named:    ( the simple atlas of constitution).
c. print and distribute 100.000 copies of a comic booklet named: (Dostorna).
d. produce 15 video clips about the constitution, and show the them on the TV stations.
  .9 Attitudes run with other NGOs in the central region of IWV net work, the (bridge building project) and make the management of 7 conferences about the violence before and during the national election, be the fund of the British council and the monitoring of IFES.
10- Attitudes issued it weekly newspaper, which del with culture and community (January 2006).
11- Attitudes opened it cultural center in Al- Wazeeriea – Baghdad (December 2005).
The first activity was an exhibition of fine art contain 100 pieces of art for 98 artists. (26-January- 2006).

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