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AL - Saeed Foundation For Sciences & Culture
History and Background

AL-Saeed Foundation

The Foundation is a cultural , scientific and non-profitable establishment .

 It was established in 1996 according to a decision issue by Hayel Saeed Anam Group in commemoration of the late Haj Hayel Saeed Anam for his efforts to provide services for his society in developmental field in general and in the philanthropic field in particular . His services to the society stems from his national feelings and they are considered an embodiment for his aspirations to develop sciences , technology and culture in Yemen .

The Foundation encourages the Yemeni people in the field of serious and scientific researches provided that such researches enhance and increase knowledge , and practically benefit Yemen .

The Foundation participates in the graduation and development of a generation of the Yemeni scientists , experts and specialists in basic , applied and technological sciences .

The Foundation strongly support scientists and encourages them to perform creative scientific experiments. In this respect , it provides prizes for the winning researches in  the fields agreeable with the Foundation’s objectives .

The Foundation also aims at supporting and enhancing the cultural movement , participating in strengthening the noble cultural concepts that fall in line with the horizons of the human knowledge .

It exerts great efforts to strengthen relationships with the ultural and scientific establishments in Yemen and with the regional and international organizations

The prize of the late Haj Hayel Saeed Anam for Sciences and Arts was established as a  result of the decision of the Board of Directors of Al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences and Culture in 1996 in commemoration of the late Haj Hayel Saeed Anam

Some of the objectives of the prize are as follows :

1-Spreading the scientific and cognitive awareness and providing practical and scientific solutions for the problems that face society .

2-Direct participation in the scientific research in Yemen and invigorating  it on the condition that such research will lead to the increase of knowledge and the benefit to Yemen .

3-The welfare of scientists and intellectuals , supporting their efforts to serve Yemen and participating in the development of a generation of scientists and experts in fields such as basic sciences and applied , technological and developmental sciences .

4-Giving a special prominence to the process of scientific , intellectual and literary creativity and ensuring the worth of scientists , men of letters , intellectuals , writers  and the distinguished researches ; Besides , encouraging literary and critical researches .


The Fields That are Covered by the Prize:
The prize is awarded in the following fields :
1-     Medical Sciences .
2-     Environmental and Agricultural Sciences .
3-     Economics .
4-     Humanities & social sciences .
5-     Islamic sciences .
6-     Literary creativity .
7-     Engineering and Technology .
8-     Archaeology and Architecture

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