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AL - Saeed Foundation For Sciences & Culture
Mechanism of Operation

The Foundation employs the following methods to fulfill its objectives :

·Organizing conferences , lectures , symposiums , workshops , debates , exhibitions and other scientific and cultural functions .

·Establishing modern scientific libraries that include the important books , studies and periodicals published in Arabic and other languages in all fields .

·Publication and distribution of scientific studies related to the objectives of the Foundation and which were submitted in the scientific contests and the cultural functions .

·Development of relationships with the active civil society entities  and  with the scientific research’s establishment inside Yemen and abroad in order to fulfill the common objectives.

·Establishing data bank , computer library and developing communications with other data banks in the Arab world and the rest of the world .

·Hosting international books and IT fairs .

·Organizing training courses to develop the capabilities of the trainees in various fields .

·Participating in building of new scientific and cultural establishment .

Conditions of Awarding the Prize :

1-The applicant has to be a Yemeni or an Arab individual residing in Yemen .

2-The submitted work should be one of the fields determined by Foundation and in a subject announced by the Foundation .

3-The applicant should be one who has not previously got the prize on the same research which had already been submitted to the Foundation . This includes Master’s degrees , Doctoral dissertations and researches that have been granted for the purpose of academic promotion .

4-The prize will be awarded for the distinct scientific or literary work that , by publishing it , will increase and enrich knowledge .

Components of The prize:

The prize includes the following components:
1-A Certificate that bears the name of the  prize & the name of the winner .
2-Cash prize of one million Yemeni Riyal .
3- A medal that bears the name of the prize and its logo .


1-     The work submitted to the foundation is appraised by specialized committees whose members are selected from qualified and experienced professors who are experience in appraisal and arbitration on the bases of 3 professors for each field .

2-     According to the academic and scientific traditions , a special attention is given to the following criteria:
-Originality , methodology and the style of presentation .
-To what extent the research adds to knowledge .
-Accuracy of language .
-Recent documentation and references and their relevance to the subject . 
-The contribution of the work to improve the realties in Yemen .

3-     The appraisal committee , with the recommendations of the specialized sub – committee , is authorized to take decisions with absolute majority to approve granting the prize for one individual or for two individuals as each will get half of the prize . The committee can withhold the prize in any major if the research is not eligible for winning the prize .

4-The  arbitration  committee’s recommendations and the decision of the council of Trustees to approve that recommendations and granting the prizes are considered final ,  and there is no way to impugn their choice of the winners .

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