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All Girls Society for Development
History and Background

All Girls Society for Development
was established on July 11, 2003, by permit #46 from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Republic of Yemen, and projects began on May 10, 2004. The society strives to develop the personality of the Yemeni girl educationally and culturally. The society also desires for girls to attain to a greater level of life skills which empower her to play her role in society with effectiveness and in accordance with successful and contemporary strategies.

Our Vision
Our vision is to present a model example for the personal development of thriving girls.

Our Statement
Our aim is to cultivate the personality of the Yemeni girl with a desire to empower her and enable her to play her part in society in the most effective manner. This is achieved though programs and activities designed according to the inner potential of the girl.

Our Goals
To meet the emerging challenges of the world around us.
 To cultivate the skills of Yemeni girls.
 To prepare girls to play a more meaningful role in society.
 To help girls make better use of their time.
 To effect institutions in the urban area.
 To establish relationships with institutions inside and outside of Yemen. 

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