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Al-Majd League for Women
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Women actually support the society with new generations and have the full responsibility of its breeding. In Iraq about 2/3 of the society are women that's why their contribution in building up the country is very essential. 
This could be acheived through:
1- Educate, tend and take care of Iraqi women in different fields of life.
2- Try to find suitable  opportunities to work and live independently.
3- Try to ensure equal rights to all women divorced, widows and unmarried in way to protect their independency.
4- Rehabilitate the unskilled and simple women to enable them to acquire their living like teaching them sewing, embroidery , flower arrangement and other domestic activates.
5- Encourage those women who have the intention to continue their studies in order to get proper jobs with accordance to their educational standards after words.
6- Under take the responsibility of women who have no family provider.
7- Support the society with the needed appropriate feminine leaderships.
8- Attract the distinguished and  those women who have already rendered a respectively.   
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