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Saudi Geographical Society
Organizational Structure

The General Assembly(GA):
Formation & meetings:
The GA is formed from the active members who paid their annual subscriptions. GA conduct an annual regular meeting once a year, invited for by the SGS chairman. The meeting will not be legal unless attended by the majority of members. If the majority failed to attend, an other meeting is to be arranged after 2 weeks .This meeting will be legal with any attendants.
It is permitted to call for a meeting by the Administration Council or 20% of GA members, if necessary. 

Responsibilities of GA:
The responsibilities of GA is as follows:
1.Issue of norms to regulate internal procedures of SGS.
2.Approval of annual budget of SGS & it’s final accounts.
3.Aproval of annual report of SGS activities prepared by the Administration Council(AC).
4.Nomination of AC
5.Approval of annual work plan presented by AC.
6.Proposition to establish new branches for SGS recommended by AC.
7.Assignment of an external auditor for the revision of SGS accounts & to determine his fees.
8.Proposal to liquidate SGS. 

SGS Honorarium Chairman:
The GA has the right to nominate an honorarium chairman for the SGS for a period of 3 years. The nominated personality should be a well known figure of interest in SGS activities, by a decree from the university. He has the right to head any meeting. 

Formation of AC:
1.AC is composed of active members not exceeding (9),selected by GA via secret voting on condition that at least one third of them should be university staff of the SGS establisher.
2.Duration of SGS council is 3 yeas renewable only once.
3.If a council member is absent for 3 consecutive meetings without an excuse, he could be considered retired.
4.A vacant membership of the council selected by GA for any reason could be filled by a selected alternative member. Such membership should be approved by the GA within it’s first meeting.
5.The AC may nominate by secret voting a chairman who is a university staff, deputy chairman, secretary, finance officer from the members.
6.The Chairman may represents SGS in & outside the Kingdom. He can make all necessary communications according to SGS regulations. He can also head the GA. 

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