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Saudi Geographical Society
Mechanism of Operation

Membership, conditions, procedures:

There are three types of memberships:
1.Active member, with the following characteristics:
i. The member should have qualifications or equivalence in SGS field.
ii.To pay annual subscriptions.
iii. Any conditions may be deemed by the Administrative Council(AC).
iv.Adecree is to be issued by the AC to approve such membership.

2.Honorarium membership :
This membership is to be provided by the SGS general assembly(GA). for those who contributed to the benefits of SGS . Such benefits could be financial or incorporeal.
This member will be exempted from paying subscriptions. He can attend meetings of the GA,various committees & can participate in discussions.

3.Affiliated membership:
This could be applicable for those who are:
I. Undergraduates in the field of SGS.
II.Those who are concerned about SGS interests, without required qualifications for active members as mentioned above. Affiliated members are exempted of 50% of the annual subscriptions. This member can attend GA meetings, various committees, he can participate in discussions but he cannot vote. 

Termination of Membership:
Membership could be terminated for the following reasons:
1.Withdraw or death of a member.
2.Failure to pay annual subscription for one year .The member should be informed officially about fees due payment & the consequences of non payment. This information should be sent to the member within the last 3 months of the year referred to.
3.Miss of a membership condition.
4.Performance of an action or an activity which violates SGS regulations that causes a harm literally or materially. This requires an investigation to be carried by SGS & responsibility should be confirmed.

In all above cases, membership cannot be withdrawn without a formal decision of SGS.The member will be notified within 2 weeks. The member will never be paid or compensated for his previous subscriptions or donations whatsoever. 

Reapplication for membership:
Formation & meetings:
A member may reapply for membership once more, while the approval depends on SGS decision. This depends on clearing other causes. 

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