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Mechanism of Operation

Our Students
We reach out to our students all around the kingdom, touching their minds and hearts and creating a positive difference in their lives. Around 100,000 students are benefiting from INJAZ programs this year. In the academic year 07-08, a total of 81,796 students in schools, universities and community colleges benefited from different INJAZ courses and job placement programs. Since its inception, INJAZ has benefited over 250,000 students around the Kingdom.

Our Volunteers
INJAZ courses are given to students by volunteers; professionals who so care about Jordanian youth that they take time out of their day to make a difference. This year, around 2,000 volunteers are working with us. In the year 07-08, a total of 1,445 volunteers lead INJAZ classes. Throughout the past nine years, over 7,000 enthusiastic volunteers offered their time and expertise in conducting INJAZ courses.

Our Teachers
The school teacher plays a major role in supporting the volunteer and facilitating the process of delivering INJAZ courses in the classroom. For every volunteer, there is a school teacher who is constantly making sure that the volunteer''s mission is running smoothly in the classroom.

Our Reach
INJAZ operates in all twelve governorates of Jordan. We are currently working with 160 schools and 25 universities. Throughout the last year 07-08, INJAZ worked with 146 schools and 25 universities around the Kingdom.

Our Courses
INJAZ implements nine courses for school students and seven courses for university students. In the year 07-08, we translated and adapted a new JA Worldwide curriculum and developed two new curricula.

Our Partners
With the help of our partners, INJAZ'' capabilities are fully utilized to reach the youth of Jordan. We work in full coordination with the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and King Abdullah Fund for Development (KAFD). Moreover, the large network of private sector partners of more than 100 corporates gives essential leverage to INJAZ.

Our Board
Our Board is a key factor to the success of INJAZ. A total of 31 board members representing a wide range of businesses provide guidance to INJAZ and ensure the sustainability of the organization. Five different board committees work closely with INJAZ team to help us realize our mission.

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