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Emirates Foundation
Organizational Structure


The Emirates Foundation is governed by a nine-person Board of Directors. The Board of Directors maintains broad authority over the Foundation’s operations, and is responsible for setting policies regarding assets, endowment management, budgets, and programmatic emphasis. The Board of Directors is also charged with approving the appointment of the Foundation’s Executive Directors and determining the compensation of senior management.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is comprised of internationally renowned experts in philanthropy and in the Foundation’s areas of interest. The Trustees serve in an advisory capacity, providing specialized counsel to the Board of Directors as it relates to programmatic objectives and general policy.

The Foundation’s Executive Team is led by the Managing Director, who is responsible for developing and executing the Foundation’s strategy and policies. He is supported by the Chief Executive Officer who is charged with managing the Executive Team.

The authority to approve funding requests is dependent on the amount of the request. The Chief Executive approves amounts up to DH 1 million, the Chief Executive and Managing Director jointly approve requests up to DH 3 million, and all other requests must be approved by the Board of Directors.

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