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Cat Society of Bahrain and Pet Animals (CSBPA)
Mechanism of Operation

The CBSPA shall consists if an unlimited number of members, whose names and address shall be entered in a register kept for that purpose by the Hon. Secretary, which register shall be open to inspection by members and the Ministry of Social Affairs, and at any other time by arrangement.

a) A member must be not less than 18 years old
b) Must be resident in Kingdom of Bahrain
c) Must be of good conduct and behavior and has not been convicted for any crime affecting his honour or integrity unless he has been reinstated.
d) Must be from those concerned with animal affairs

1. Active Membership
To be granted to the member who satisfies all the membership conditions and who shall have all rights, including election, nomination and voting, and shall have all the obligation.

2. Associated Membership
Granted to age groups of less than 18 years and who fulfill all the membership requirements. This member shall enjoy all right, save for voting, nomination and election.

3. Honorary Membership
The Executive Committee shall confer honorary membership on a person who has rendered distinguished services to the Society to its objects. An honorary member is not required to pay admission or subscription fees. He is not eligible for nomination, election or voting.

Registration of Animals
The registration shall include, in its entirety, the name of the pet animal, the CSBPA national registration number, breed, sex, date of birth, colour, breeders name, names of the dam and sire of the pet animal, [if known] and the address of the registered owner. Owners may apply for registration from the CSB upon correct completion of the registration form.


1.  All pet animals must be registered with the CSBPA at all times of the year.
2.  The registration of any pet animal is made upon the correct completion of the CSBPA national registration form. If the pet animal is to be included in the pure bred category, then its owner must produce its pedigree certification from other governing bodies. If this is not the case, then different procedures of authentication may be reverted to.
3. Prefixes and affixes may be added to names of the pet animals that have been bred and registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain only.
4.  All imported dogs will have [IMP] listed before its name in the CSBPA and affiliated association and club documentation.
5. Owners must provide true information and documentation when registering their pet animals with the CSB.
6. All progeny that are bred from unfit parentage may not be registered. This includes inherited diseases and genetic abnormalities such as HD, liver shunt, and in-bred pet animals.
7.  All progeny that are bred from females over 10 years old will not be registered with the CSBPA.
8. The registration name of any pet animal may not include numbers or names of countries.
9. Pet animals that are listed as ‘dangerous’ shall not be registered with the CSBPA. This includes fighting dogs and certain hybridizing of cats and dogs.
10.   All fees should be paid in full before any certification is handed over.

The Registry

The registry shall hold the registration documentation of all pet animals. The registration documentation shall hold various endorsements of the pet animal, which may include:
1. Not to be bred from.
2. Not to be bred from, under the age of 12 months or over the age of 8 years.
3. Not to be bred from, unless Hip Dysplasia x-rayed.
4. Not eligible for export pedigree.

Registration may also hold titles of the pet animal before its name such as:
1. Show Champion.
2. Grand Champion [cats only].
3. Agility Champion.
4. Obedience Champion.
5. Handlers Champion. [this applies to the owners as the handlers of the animal.]
6.  Ultimate Bahrain Champion.
7. Best in Show Winner.
8. Best of Breed Winner.

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