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Saudi Physical Therapy Association
Activities and Programs

The achievement of the Saudi Association
Joining the membership of international Union of associations and connection of physical therapy (WCPT)

Joining the membership of Arab union for physical Therapy

The representatives of the profession got additional sit in executive assembly for Arab Union as advertisement and secretary in the union. That was decided in the meeting of executive assembly in Beirut in September 2004, whereas Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has got already the position of secretary of Arab general relations in the Union
Activities of the Association:
The association is looking forwards to achieve its objectives that are mentioned in Article (2) by all suitable means and has special rights in practicing the following activities:

To encourage scientific research in its field that is related to the field of knowledge, disseminating results of studies & distributing them among the related associations.

To edit the Saudi Physical Therapy Journal, a periodical scientific brochure concerned with the publication of articles, research and studies related to the interest of the association.

To present symposia, meetings, studying cycles that negotiate different problems in the field of the association.

To organize scientific trips, arrange scientific and cultural competitions in the association''s field of specialization.

To participate in the local and international exhibitions.

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